Braves Prospect Reviews

2013 Statistical Review: Lynchburg


Moving right along.

2013 Statistical Review: Gwinnett


Starting our look back at the minor-league season that was.

The Evolution of Julio Teheran


Once a fastball/changeup artist, he's now mixing things up.

Prospect Breakouts and Break-Ups: Pitchers


How are things looking from the pitching perspective?

Prospect Breakouts or Break Ups: Position Players


Taking a mid-season look at Braves prospects to find evidence of who might be breaking out.

Scouting Rome: Position Players


Are there any Jason Heywards headed our way?

Knock On Wood... He's Really Good


The Braves have more pitching bubbling up through their system.

Atlanta Braves Top 25 Prospects 26-30


After the Justin Upton trade last week sent 3 top 25 prospects to Arizona, we give you the top 5 prospects after the top 25.

CB's Top 10 Good Guys In The Braves MiLB Part 2


No team seems to put more effort and care into making sure their organization is full of good guys than our beloved Atlanta Braves.

CB's Top 10 Atlanta Braves MiLB Good Guys


No team seems to put more effort and care into making sure their organization is full of good guys than our beloved Atlanta Braves.


Atlanta Braves 2013 Top 25 Prospects 1-5


The Braves have long been a pitching rich organization, and their top 5 prospects are all pitchers, including their top prospect from last season, their last two 1st round picks, this year's 2nd...

Atlanta Braves 2013 Top 25 Prospects: 6-10


Prospects 6-10 include a pair of promising shortstops, and defensively gifted but offensively raw catcher, the Braves best Minor League pitcher in 2012, and an older slugger who does nothing but...

Atlanta Braves 2013 Top 25 Prospects: 11-16


Prospects 11 through 15 include a pair of 2nd round draft picks, a converted reliever with serious strikeout stuff, a defensively challenged third baseman with tantalizingly frustrating talent, and...

Atlanta Braves 2013 Top 25 Prospects: 16-20


Prospects 16-20 include a promising swingman pitcher, a slugging second baseman, a first baseman who looks like a draft day steal, a Gold Glove third baseman, and an infielder who struggled this...

Atlanta Braves 20132 Top 25 Prospects: 21-25


Prospects 21 through 25 include a pair of pitchers recently added to the Braves 40 man roster, a former supplemental 1st round draft pick, and a pair of talented international teenage pitchers.

Atlanta Braves Top 5 Sleeper Prospects


Organizations, media, and fans alike will spend hours upon hours debating over who the best prospects are, but there will always be a handful of players who seem to come out of nowhere to excel in...

Atlanta Braves Top 5 Relief Pitching Prospects


The Braves not only have the best closer in the game in Craig Kimbrel, but they have two of the best setup men in the game in Eric O'Flaherty and Jonny Venters. Still, you can never have enough...

Atlanta Braves Top 5 LH SP Prospects


From Warren Span to Tom Glavine, the Braves have a history of talented lefties getting the most out of ordinary stuff, and several prospects currently in the organization look poised to continue...

Atlanta Braves Top 10 RH SP Prospects 1-5


The modern success of the Atlanta Braves has been founded on outstanding starting pitching and the team's farm system has no intention of letting that tradition die out any time soon.

Atlanta Braves Top 10 RH SP Prospects 6-10


Starting pitching has long been an area of strength for the Atlanta Braves and that trend doesn't seem likely to end any time soon. The Braves have a great crop of right handed starting pitchers...

A Surprise Top Braves Prospect From Sickels


Baseball prospect guru John Sickels releases his top-20 Braves prospects for 2013.

Atlanta Braves 2012 Top Outfield Prospects


The Braves are set in right field for the foreseeable future after young star Jason Heyward's stellar 2012 campaign that culminated with him earning a Gold Glove this week, but the rest of the...

Atlanta Braves 2012 Top Corner Infield Prospects


After a fine sophomore season, Freddie Freeman has firmly implanted himself as Atlanta's first baseman of both the present and the future, but the future is nowhere near as clear across the diamond.

Atlanta Braves 2012 Top Middle Infield Prospects


The Braves are currently set up the middle of their infield, with a phenomenal fielder and rapidly developing hitter in Andrelton Simmons, and an average on his best days defender who is...

Atlanta Braves 2012 Top Catching Prospects


With Brian McCann firmly entrenched at the position, the Atlanta Braves haven't had to worry about having a catcher waiting in the wings, but a rough 2012 season for McCann suddenly has Braves fans...

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