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Game Thread 8/27: Braves At Mets

So, last night didn't go so well. The Braves' offense spent last night turning getting into Double Plays into an art form. However, that's one form of art that the world can do without, so...


Game Thread 8/26: Braves At Mets

Hey look, the Braves are back on the blue-and-orange side of New York! The last time they played at Citi Field, the Braves won. The bad news is that it was only to avoid a 4-game sweep. Hopefully,...


Game Thread 8/20: Braves at Pirates

Wood v. Cole. DISCUSS!!


Game Thread 8/19: Braves at Pirates

Harang v. Liriano


Game Thread 8/18: Braves at Pirates



Game Thread 8/17: Braves Vs. Athletics

We've reached the end of a series that most people in these parts were loathing, and it's gone pretty well. In fact, it's been pretty doggone nice. The Braves had an offensive renaissance on Friday...

Game Thread 8/16: Braves Vs. Athletics


Hey look, it's throwback night at Turner Field, tonight! And boy, they went way back. In 1914, the "Miralcle Braves" (led by the awesomely named Rabbit Maranville) completed an amazing turnaround...


Game Thread 8/10: Braves vs. Nationals

Join in and find out how many times ESPN fawns over Bryce Harper.


Game Thread 8/9: Braves vs. Nationals

Harang vs. Roark. DISCUSS!!


Game Thread 8/8: Braves vs. Nationals

Just win, please.


Game Thread 8/6: Braves At Mariners

Mercifully, this calamitous road trip is finally coming to a close. Just a week or so ago, the Braves were extremely close to the top of the NL East, and seemed to be moving into position to...


Game Thread 8/5: Braves At Mariners

It's time for another installment of late night Braves baseball (or, if you happen to be a Braves fan on the West Coast, then I'm sure that watching these games at a reasonable time has been pretty...


Game Thread 7/31: Braves at Dodgers

ONE win…is that so much to ask for? Oh, you're facing Clayton Kershaw. Never mind then. #wereboned


Game Thread 7/30: Braves at Dodgers

Maybe it was faulty yesterday, but #BeatLA!


Game Thread 7/29: Braves at Dodgers



Game Thread 7/20: Braves vs. Phillies

Let's beat those Phailies!!


Game Thread 7/19: Braves vs. Phillies

Aaron Harang starts for the Braves, Cole Hamels for the Phillies. Here's a nugget I found on Twitter: Worst OPS off the bench: 25. .525 #Mariners 26. .520 #Braves 27. .495 #Mets 28. .488 #...


Game Thread 7/18: Braves vs. Phillies

The post-Uggla era has begun in Atlanta. In case you missed it, Dan Uggla was released by the Braves today. It's been long overdue, but it finally got done. Now, on to baseball! Burnett's...


Game Thread 7/13: Braves At Cubs

July 13th, 2014 is 13 hours old on the East Coast, and yet in those 13 hours we've had a bit of a minor shake-up: Phil Gosselin is on the active 25-man roster and will be available off the bench...


Game Thread 7/12: Braves At Cubs

Yesterday was a bit of a bummer. Today, however, is a new day, which means that there's a new opportunity to put yesterday's exciting-yet-disappointing game to bed, as the Braves take on the Cubs...

Game Thread 7/11: Braves At Cubs


After salvaging a devil of a series in New York against the Mets with a victory on Friday thanks to the magical creature that is Aaron Harang, the Braves are hoping that a change of scenery will...


Game Thread 7/6: Braves vs. D-backs

This is the final home game before the All-Star Break. Let's win this and make it 10 in a row, please!! Good to see Simmons back in the lineup after the scare with his ankle yesterday....


Game Thread 7/5: Braves vs. D-backs

Let's make it nine in a row, please! Today's Lineups ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS ATLANTA BRAVES Ender Inciarte - CF B.J. Upton - CF David Peralta - LF Andrelton Simmons -...


Game Thread 7/4: Braves vs. D-backs

Happy 4th, everyone! Let's see some fireworks (hopefully from the home team)!! Santana pitched against Arizona in June, and allowed just one unearned run in seven innings. Collmenter has a 1.73...


Game Thread 7/2: Braves Vs. Mets

A sweep could potentially be on the cards tonight, as the Braves will be trying to get their 7th straight victory as well in the process. With Julio Teheran on the mound, those chances should go up...


Game Thread 7/1: Braves Vs. Mets

After being handed a gift of a victory last night against the Mets, the Braves now look to make good use of that gift by building on it for a potential 6th straight victory. Mike Minor's the...

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