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Game Thread 7/20: Braves vs. Phillies

Let's beat those Phailies!!


Game Thread 7/19: Braves vs. Phillies

Aaron Harang starts for the Braves, Cole Hamels for the Phillies. Here's a nugget I found on Twitter: Worst OPS off the bench: 25. .525 #Mariners 26. .520 #Braves 27. .495 #Mets 28. .488 #...


Game Thread 7/18: Braves vs. Phillies

The post-Uggla era has begun in Atlanta. In case you missed it, Dan Uggla was released by the Braves today. It's been long overdue, but it finally got done. Now, on to baseball! Burnett's...


Game Thread 7/13: Braves At Cubs

July 13th, 2014 is 13 hours old on the East Coast, and yet in those 13 hours we've had a bit of a minor shake-up: Phil Gosselin is on the active 25-man roster and will be available off the bench...


Game Thread 7/12: Braves At Cubs

Yesterday was a bit of a bummer. Today, however, is a new day, which means that there's a new opportunity to put yesterday's exciting-yet-disappointing game to bed, as the Braves take on the Cubs...

Game Thread 7/11: Braves At Cubs


After salvaging a devil of a series in New York against the Mets with a victory on Friday thanks to the magical creature that is Aaron Harang, the Braves are hoping that a change of scenery will...


Game Thread 7/6: Braves vs. D-backs

This is the final home game before the All-Star Break. Let's win this and make it 10 in a row, please!! Good to see Simmons back in the lineup after the scare with his ankle yesterday....


Game Thread 7/5: Braves vs. D-backs

Let's make it nine in a row, please! Today's Lineups ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS ATLANTA BRAVES Ender Inciarte - CF B.J. Upton - CF David Peralta - LF Andrelton Simmons -...


Game Thread 7/4: Braves vs. D-backs

Happy 4th, everyone! Let's see some fireworks (hopefully from the home team)!! Santana pitched against Arizona in June, and allowed just one unearned run in seven innings. Collmenter has a 1.73...


Game Thread 7/2: Braves Vs. Mets

A sweep could potentially be on the cards tonight, as the Braves will be trying to get their 7th straight victory as well in the process. With Julio Teheran on the mound, those chances should go up...


Game Thread 7/1: Braves Vs. Mets

After being handed a gift of a victory last night against the Mets, the Braves now look to make good use of that gift by building on it for a potential 6th straight victory. Mike Minor's the...


Game Thread 6/30: Braves Vs. Mets

For the first time since late April, the Braves and the Mets are about to engage with each other in baseball battle. The Braves will be returning home to Turner Field following a wonderful trip to...


Game Thread 6/26: Braves at Astros

Let's go for the sweep! Cosart's pitch usage Fourseam Sinker Cutter Slider Curve Change LHH All Counts 4% 2% 61% 0% 27% 5% First Pitch 3% 1% 64% 0% 2...


Game Thread 6/25: Braves at Astros

Yup, Fredi's at it again. McHugh has been a whipping boy the last two years, but has performed well as a regular starter this year. Robbie Grossman was optioned to the minors, and L.J. Hoes...


Game Thread 6/24: Braves at Astros

Fredi be trollin'. B.J. has hit .178 in the leadoff spot for the Braves. As bad as he's been, what makes anyone think that's going to change? Either Fred's trolling us, or B.J. must have some...


Game Thread 6/21: Braves At Nationals

Last night was a long one, as it lasted about 4 and a half hours and a little bit longer than it should have thanks to Craig Kimbrel's blown save. Even with the botched ending, it still ended like...


Game Thread 6/20: Braves At Nationals

Despite the absolutely unfortunate incident that was Gavin Floyd's elbow injury, there was a big positive last night's affair, and that was that the Braves continued their current run of positive...


Game Thread 6/19: Braves at Nationals

The time has come for the 2 teams who figure to be the top of the NL East's crop to meet up for what should be 4 games of heated, tense, contentious baseball against the 1st place Washington...


Game Thread 6/15: Braves vs. Angels

The Braves get the Sunday night game on ESPN tonight. Mike Minor tries to help the Braves avoid another series loss to an AL opponent. Hope none of you forgot today is Father's Day, and that all...


Game Thread 6/14: Braves vs. Angels

The Braves are currently tied for first place in the East as they try to win the series outright against the Angels. Jason Heyward is back in the lineup; let's hope he doesn't have any problems...


Game Thread 6/13: Braves vs. Angels

Hopefully some home cookin' will fix what's ailing the Braves and Aaron Harang, against whom some of the Angels hitters have some very good numbers. C.J. Wilson and his hair will pitch for the...


Game Thread 6/12: Braves At Rockies

It's Getaway Day for the Braves in Colorado, which means that it's time for a nice afternoon game between the Braves and the Rockies. Since it's Getaway Day, that also means that we get to see...


Game Thread 6/11: Braves At Rockies

Do you remember the lead-in to last night's game, where everybody was talking about how the Braves and the Rockies played a sensible, calm, collected game of good ol' fashioned National League...


Game Thread 6/10: Braves At Rockies

Although we didn't see any balls go flying over the fences and into the picturesque background of Coors Field, we did see the Braves gather up 3 runs (2 of which were driven in by Chris Johnson,...


Game Thread 6/4: Braves vs. Mariners

Let's not have a repeat of yesterday, mmkay? Wow…not often you see a first baseman as a leadoff hitter. Kuma is another sinkerballer who also utilizes a splitter with two strikes. Iwakuma's...


Game Thread 6/3: Braves vs. Mariners

Gavin Floyd takes the ball for the Braves against Seattle, whom he is 4-4 in 14 starts. Erasmo Ramirez was called up after spending almost a month in the minors for the M's. This year,...

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