Scary News Monday (via MLBTR)

  1. Tony LaRussa Retires (so what now about Albert?)
  2. Davey Johnson: option picked up by Nats to manage in 2012 (quickly done in case St. Louis called)
  3. Nate McLouth filed for Free Agency yesterday (Braves haven't "formally" declined his option yet, but...)
  4. Aramis Ramirez walks away from $16 million (voids option picked up by Cubs; becomes FA)
  5. Hinske option remains for Braves to decide ($1.5m for 2012; $100K buyout)

Who is your most likely August trade candidate?

  1. Wandy Rodriguez
  2. Josh Willingham
  3. Carlos Pena
  4. Kerry Wood
  5. Brian Fuentes

Reasons to Buy 7/26/10 Edition Of Sports Illustrated

  1. Bobby Cox Tribute Article
  2. 22 Photographs of Bobby Cox
  3. Analysis of Bobby Cox's Ejections From Baseball Games
  4. Introduction to the Chipper Jones Momentum-Turn Hypothesis
  5. And More!

Braves featured on BBTN

  1. 1st segment dedicated to Cox. Buster Onley said that if the Braves had Rivera instead of the Yankees, we would have been the team with 4 or 5 titles.
  2. 2nd segment dedicated to A-Rod...?
  3. 3rd segment was an interview with Tommy Hanson (the end of which, Carl Ravech said that they need to start talking about the Yankees again - no joke)
  4. 4th segment was about You Know Who - CR also called him Jason Howard. Chris Singleton loves Heyward and talks about how big he is and he said "He has a head on his shoulders like none other"...I really couldn't understand anything that Heyward said though. Cox talks about how Heyward's hits have the same "ring" to them that Hank Aaron's did at his first practice. Singleton says that Heyward will be the next face of the franchise when Chipper leaves. The BBTN crew then goes on to compare JH to Darryl Strawberry, except Heyward looks to be twice DS' size. Kurkjian said that Huddy said that Heyward's sound of the ball off the bat sounds like a .306, and Lowe said that Heyward's BP is scary. Buster talks about his plate discipline and then talks about his article about FYF and Heyward...ugh.
  5. 5th segment - Matt Diaz gets a haircut on the BBTN bus...classic.

Bigjoe......nahwal picks for 5/7/09

  1. cant get to a comp by 12...i have finals :(
  2. 1. 10251
  3. 2. JJ
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