An interesting small town article re David Hale

Rookie pitcher gives good interview, discusses being called up last fall, expresses confidence.

JoePos on Kid Nichols

Joe Pos is currently ranking his top 100 players. I'm sure many of us are aware that Kid Nichols played for the Boston Beaneaters (who would eventually change their name to the Braves and move to Atlanta) many years ago. But if you're like me, you don't know much about him.

SB Nation article about Braves + O'Flaherty

Confirms what we already know, that O'Flaherty very well might be back with Braves

MLB to block Tanaka from donating money to his former team. Is this legal?

MLB wants to prohibit Tanaka from donating money to his former Japanese baseball team. According to the article, Tanaka would like to donate the money in order to help his former team re-build and improve their stadium. Is this legal? Can the higher ups for the MLB really stop Tanaka from helping out his former team's stadium? All the kid wants to do is help them add a dome, and improve the overall experience for the fans and for the current players. Or is this just a ploy, by Tanaka's ex-team to get more money out of the now lowered posting fee? I guess MLB is seeing this as the reasoning behind Tanaka's supposed generous "donation." What do you guys think about this mess??

Adam Jones and Tillman for Bedard, Asdrubal Cabrera for Eduardo Perez, and Choo for Broussard, the Mariners beginning of the end.

Simply imagine what the Mariners could have looked like with Adam Jones, Ichiro, and Choo in their outfield, with Asdrubal and Co. manning the infield spots. These three trades set the tone for the Mariners next eight seasons of disappointment. I'm not sure if any GM has made a worse three trades in a matter of a calender year then the former Mariners GM did. This is a prime example of why we, as fans, should NOT be upset whenever particular trades ar e not made that causes our beloved Braves to ship out their farm system piece by piece. Given, not nearly every trade will backfire like these three did, but I would say if we had traded Sims, Wood, Bethancourt, and one of Peraza, La Stella, Graham, or M. Cabrera for David Price our beloved Braves' future would have been completely disrupted and most likely it would have left this franchises farm system in disarray!! Fans should always be weary of what you ask for, because each decision a GM makes very well could impact the team, as a whole, for many years to come. This is the reason why, I have grown fond of Frank Wren. Not so much because of his FA signings, but moreso because he holds onto his top-premier prospects. He isn't a GM that takes unnecessary risks, and in the process he has helped build a franchise that can see success for many years to come. With Wood, Sims, Hursh, Cabrera, Graham, and even Cody Martin and David Hale the Braves have it spaced out where there should be a stud rookie ready to join the rotation just as one pitcher has to exit. This is how teams can maintain success while being able to afford only bringing up a stud positional player every other year. The last positional player to make an impact was Evan Gattis last year. Then the previous year they had Simba come up and set the league on notice. Now, the Braves have given themselves some affordable time to bring up their next impact player. Which really, I think the next players in line should be Tommy La Stella this year, and then Christian Bethancourt should be ready at some point this season or next. They will be two more impact guysbrought up through the system, and I cannot wait to see how each of the two will perform when called upon!!

Are Sweeping Changes Coming for the Braves?

Blogger for spins out some interesting thoughts and speculation.

Kimbrel's Pure Dominance helped by not just his fastball

This is a great article that talks about the games best and worst sliders. It ranks the pitchers, who throw their slider atleast 10% of the time, and gives us the best and worst slider from the starters as well as the relief guys. I do not think it will suprise you whoch relief pitcher has the best slider in the game. Also, this same pitcher only gave up an oponents BA of .099 against his slider!! Absolutely fascinating stuff, and it makes for a great read and reminder just how lucky we are to have Kimbrel. Also, from the same blog if you look, you will find the best and worst 4 seam fastballs. Which you will find another Atlanta Brave, but I bet it isn't in the category you would expect and I bet it isn't the player you would expect either!!

Freel and CTE

You'd think MLB would learn from the NFL and confront this issue directly. But as of now, there's nothing on about this. Disappointing.

Tea Party declares war on Cobb County Politicans over New Stadium

This should be an interesting slugfest to watch play out.

Brewers sign Pagnozzi

After spending 2013 with Gwinett, Pagnozzi signed minor-league deal with MIL.

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