Around The NL East

Around the NL East: So Long, TC


The Nationals fall to third place, joining the Mets, Marlins and Phillies all beating each other up into a pile of mediocrity within the division. This is good news for the Braves and us fans.

Around the NL East: Mets Sweep Subway Series


The Mets series sweep the Yankees for the first time in Interleague play, the Phillies and Nationals deal with injuries in varying manners, and the Marlins are simply just trying to field a team.

Around the NL East: PHILA-DL-PHIA


In contrast to last week, the Braves had a good week, while just about everyone else in the NL East stumbled a little bit; which is great news for Braves Country.

Around the NL East: Harper vs. A Wall


It was a tepid week in the NL East, where every team except for the Nationals posted a sub-.500 record in their last ten games, but even the Nats' successes came with a hard price.

Around the NL East: Halladay to DL


Roy Halladay joins Johan Santana as once-great ace pitchers to limp their way through their walk years with major shoulder injuries.

Around the NL East: Anyone Left in Miami?


Seriously, with Giancarlo out of the lineup, I think we can all legitimately make claims that the Marlins are no better than most organizations' Triple-A or even Double-A affiliates.

Around the NL East: Blaming Slow Starts


This week, everyone in the NL East cites underperformances from key contributors to the oft-cliched "slow starts."

Around the NL East: Everyone Stumbling


The Braves were the only team in the NL East to have better than a .500 record over their last ten games. Which is fantastic news for us fans.

Around the NL East: Love April Weather


Across the baseball landscape, April showers come into play, creating rainouts, and in some cases, massive snow issues in some regions. Gotta love April baseball!

Around the NL East: And They're Off


Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg pick right back up where they left off in 2012, the Mets defy everything and start strong, while the Phillies stumble out the gate to the Braves, and the Fish are...


Around the NL East: Spring's Over


Well boys and girls, this is the moment we've all been waiting for. Spring Training is over, and the regular season is now just days away. A fresh new season of the sounds of bats cracking, gloves...

Around the NL East: Almost Home


One more week of Spring Training, before we reach the home stretch of teams playing against random colleges, and home field exhibitions.



And there's STILL two more weeks of boring and unexciting Spring Training to fill after this one!

Around the NL East: Rivalries!


The extra week of Spring Training due to the WBC has been a hot topic this week. Players are getting bored, losing their focus, and in some cases (the Mets) have had more time to get hurt.

Around the NL East: Grapefruit League, Week 1


The first week of the Grapefruit League has come and gone, hope springs eternal for every team, and now the WBC is going to water most everyone down for the next two weeks.

Around the NL East: Spring Training is Here


The week of pitchers and catchers reporting, with most all the position players hoping to show off their 38 pieces of flair and great smiles for a new season is almost upon us.

Around the NL East: Filling out Rosters


With Spring Training literally behind the corner, not much news other than teams fortifying.

Around the NL East: Gio Linked to PEDs?


It's that time of the year where minor league deals are doled out like playing cards, and potential arbitration cases are sniffed and analyzed like bad scratch and sniff stickers. How many days...

Around the NL East: Non-Justin Upton News


It's difficult to pay attention to what the other teams have been doing, when the Braves easily made the biggest news this week.

Around the NL East: Nats Have Busy Week


Business is starting to pick up again, headlined by the return of a familiar face and the departure of a nuisance to the Braves.

Around the NL East: Adam LaRoche Extended


And just like that a notable move happened in the division; as the days are now getting longer, so must the buzzing of an upcoming season.

Around the NL East: Marlins Teasing With Giancarlo


With the coming of a new calendar year, the stories of the NL East can presumably only go up...right?

Around the NL East: Holiday Downtime


As we rest and relax between the holidays, most of the NL East shares the sentiment.

Around the NL East: R.A. Dickey to Blue Jays


Since the world didn't end yesterday, it's back to the regular grind, but thankfully it starts with a weekend.

Around the NL East: Phillies Get Young, Stay Old


As we approach the holidays, big moves are still happening everywhere but Miami.

Around the NL East: Haren, Revere Arrive


As the Winter Meetings take place, the Hot Stove has been steadily burning this week.

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