Around The NL East

Around the NL East - Clown Questions, Ozzie Guillen gets no respect, R.A. Dickey denied, Chase Utley rehabbing


Tuesday night was the first time in years that I felt legitimately upset after a Braves loss. There was such a jumble of emotions upon seeing Jonny Venters give up a grand slam to Alex Rodriguez,...

Around the NL East - Giancarlo Stanton, Gio Gonzalez, Bryce Harper take May honors, Roy Halladay actually hurt, Mets fans wear Jorts


WELCOME TO OAKLAND Three weekends ago (yeah, doesn't feel that long), I made a trip out to the Bay Area for one of my annual baseball trips. In the process I crossed San Francisco and Oakland...

Around the NL East - Johan Santana throws first-ever Mets No-No, Roy Halladay actually injured, Mike Morse returns, Giancarlo owned May


I'll do everyone a favor and keep the introduction short. Over the last two weeks, I've seen AT&T Park, Oakland Coliseum, a minor league park in Modesto, California, and then a minor league park...

Around the NL East - Giancarlo's epic slam, Nationals turning to the committee, questioning Roy Halladay, and David Wright's flight for .400


You know something, I haven't watched a Braves game in over a week now, since I was out in California for last weekend and part of the week, which I'll eventually talk about sooner rather than...

Around the NL East - David Wright is a Superstar, Wilson Ramos done for season, Cole Hamels wants seven, Ozzie wants the DH


By the time you read this, I'll probably be right above Mississippi or just getting into Arkansas skies, passed out on Tylenol PM, en route to California for one of my wacky, yearly baseball road...

Around the NL East - Cole Hamels, Bryce Harper, and the Plunk Heard 'Round the World, Mets and Marlins much less interesting


Well, the big topic of this past week has simply been pitchers plunking batters. Cole Hamels plunking Bryce Harper on purpose, Jordan Zimmermann plunking Cole Hamels. Down in Houston, we saw Wilton...

Around the NL East - Stephen Strasburg, NL's best, Bryce Harpermania, Heath Bell's job in jeopardy, Subway Series in danger


Initially, I wanted to pick some fun at Bryce Harper, for his debut in Los Angeles, and primarily the theatric way he flipped his helmet off while running to second on a double. And how it was...

Around the NL East - Mike Pelfrey needs Tommy John, Ryan Zimmerman's shoulder woes, Bryce Harper called up, Cole Hamels Padre 4 Lyfe


While in Birmingham last weekend, I decided to drive by the offices of Dr. James Andrews. I didn't really expect that it was part of a bigger hospital, but to be honest, I didn't really know what...

Around the NL East - Tyler Clippard guarantees playoffs for Nats, David Wright reaches milestone, Ozzie returns, Phillies still playing patsy


Literally since Opening Day, I've been on the DL with some weird sickness that came out of nowhere, and has been nagging me over the span of the last two weeks. I don't get sick easily, which is...

Around the NL East - Ozzie loves booze and Fidel, Hot David Wright gets hurt, Storen, Morse ailing, Pat the Bat retiring in Philly


You know these days, I've sometimes been questioning the direction of my baseball fandom. Seeing the Braves win undoubtedly makes me pleased, but seeing them lose doesn't make me flinch in the...

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