Justin Upton Wheel of Destiny Results

Justin Upton Wheel of Destiny Results



Another first half in the books and the Upton (Justin of course) Wheel of Destiny is in the books. Some extremely high scores this half of the season compared to the last two, but there was a clear runaway winner this time. I know I don't always make every game thread and have been on travel recently, but hopefully everyone feels like they had ample opportunity if they wished to participate. As for the other people who hate the game, please ignore this post!

Top 10

Place Name Score
1 Lovecraft'sTea 55
2 Tomahawk Mafia 38
3 bravesfanincali 32
4 WickedChic 27
5(Tied) (probably)notabandwagonfan 25
5(Tied) FrozeMyBlood 25
7 Bronn 24
8 leedawg 23
9 zgs1288 21
10 Bitfailu 20

Congratulations to Lovecraft'sTea, and you have the option to take a material prize or gift card. Anyone placing in the top 3 please send me your email to UltimaParadox AT to claim their prize. Please let me know with a reply if you do not wish to share your e-mail and I will shift the prizes down one spot.

BONUS: Simmons+Upton Prize: leedawg with 39 points

Even though the end of last year I did not attend enough game thread for enough scores. I still kept track and decided to combine the two. So leedawg please email me to claim prize. Otherwise Bronn is runner up with 38 combined points.

Yes I am planning to do something similar for the 2nd half of the season, however I hope no one gets upset because obviously I do have a life and can not make every game thread. No guarantees on prizes as well. This was just for fun and the prizes all came from my own pocket.

So thanks again everyone for putting up with my stupid game, and hope to see everyone in the game threads in the second half

Everyone else's scores for Justin Upton Wheel of Destiny:

  • Bizarros 19
  • El Oso Blanco 18
  • JasonHeywardisGod 16
  • justincredubil02 14
  • BravesAreZilla 14
  • Ivan the Great 13 *Apologies in the error, in my copy*
  • shhrz 11
  • abraves257 11
  • jordanisland8 10
  • HeatherD81 10
  • DolphinNation 10
  • GlassMan 9
  • mbbraves 7
  • alexmorrison 7
  • El Hyena 7
  • byronroku 6
  • #ThisIsWhyWeChop 6
  • Slavin22 6
  • Ryan Sterritt 6
  • Players with 5: blizzack, JonMcNinch, Fatvirus, mebravesfan, Xiansheng, dawgknight, luther.elmo, b1eedb1ack
  • Players with 4: EricGreggWasPaidOff, LEastCoastBears, Undocorkscrew, cdeffenb
  • Players with 3: Mighty Healthy, SoMellow11, akrentz, Jordan Guthrie, TCfromDubVee, CUchop, DreamWithinADream, a hooter's baby, Cornutt
  • Players with 2: Scuba Bleeds Green, demsei, ALW14, pancanbra, Durantula, sandy.northrop.7, wde2011, braves.country88, BelichickLikesOurRB's, Rory O'Connell, Bruce P , 2 Burrells 1 Cup
  • Lonesome 1: BravesFalcsHawks95





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