Braves Daily News Digest: 6/8

Norm Hall

Craig Krumbels In The 9th, Braves Lose*

Atlanta took the lead twice in the late stages of Saturday's affair with the Diamondbacks, and they blew that lead twice; The first time, Craig Kimbrel celebrated his first day of being Atlanta's Save King by blowing a save in the bottom of the 9th. After Jason Heyward homered in the top of the 10th to put the Braves in the lead, Anthony Varvaro gave it right back to Arizona in the bottom half. Eventually, David Carpenter gave up a bloop single to give the D-Backs a walk-off victory to tie the weekend series at 1. Luckily for the Braves, most of the division lost in similar fashion last night.

Despite Blown Save, Kimbrel Is Still Best Closer In Atlanta History

Back during happier times on Friday night, Craig Kimbrel came on in the bottom of the 9th in Arizona and held down a 3-run lead to give the Braves the win and also break the All-Time Saves record in Atlanta Braves history, passing John Smoltz with his 155th career save. Kimbrel didn't exactly have the best follow-up to that achievement, but the fact still remains: When it comes to closers in Atlanta, Kimbrel's The Man.

Walden Should Return By Tuesday

In more bullpen news, we are inching closer and closer to seeing Jordan Walden make his return to the bullpen. His rehab assignment has reportedly been going swimmingly (despite being scratched from an appearance on Saturday, Fredi reportedly said that it wasn't a "setback"), which means that he could very well return to the big league bullpen by this coming Tuesday.

Uggla Gets Rare Start On Saturday

For the past month or so, Dan Uggla's spent most of his time on the bench, making appearances every once in a while. Yesterday was that "once in a while" moment, as Dan Uggla replaced Tommy La Stella at 2nd base. Uggla made the most out of his rare starting appearance by promptly going 0-4. Way to go.


San Diego Drafts Johnny Manziel

Remember back on the 5th when I made a quip about it being Draft Day but there's no Drake or Johnny Manziel in sight? Well, there's still no Drake around, but Johnny Football was dragged into the proceedings when the Padres used the 837th pick in the draft to select Manziel. The shortstop prospect must have really impressed the Padres organization during his appearance there in May 2013. Apparently, the Padres liked what they saw in the kid and decided to take a chance on this young, humble, soft-spoken and little-known athlete from Texas.

Trout Does His Best Vlad Impersonation And Succeeds As Angels Win

Los Angeles Angels legend Vladimir Guerrero was known for swinging at nearly anything that was thrown, and he was also very good at somehow hitting those balls as well. Future Los Angeles Angels legend Mike Trout swung at a ball that was pretty low and clearly a ball. Normal players (assuming that they even make contact with those balls) normally pop it up for an easy out. Mike Trout is not a normal player, as you can see in the video below.

*Credit for that horrific headline goes to former Peachtree Hoops blogger/Current Atlanta Hawks writer Robby Kalland

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