Braves Daily News Digest: 5/29

Jared Wickerham
Braves News

Braves Lose 3rd Straight To Boston

A change in scenery didn't change the result, as the Braves once again lost to the Boston Red Sox, this time in the cozy confines of Fenway Park. The Braves had a golden opportunity to score in the top of the 7th, but a Freddie Freeman ground-out with the bases loaded ended that threat and ultimately whatever chance the Braves had at winning this game.

TLS Gets Called Up

It finally happened: 2nd Baseman Tommy La Stella was called up AAA Wednesday afternoon, and Tyler Pastornicky was sent back down to the suburbs in Gwinnett. La Stella went 2-4 in his MLB debut, and although nobody is expecting TLS to light the world on fire, he still figures to be a vast improvement over what we've been seeing from the 2nd base position so far in 2014.

What Does TLS's Arrival Mean For Uggla?

One of the people who was directly affected by the call-up of La Stella is Dan Uggla, who went into this season with a tenuous-at-best hold of the position of starting 2nd baseman and only lasted a bit over a month before being replaced by Tommy La Stella. So what plans does Fredi have for this crew? From an interview with David O'Brien:

"I’ll give (La Stella) a chance and pop Danny in there every once in a while," Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez said.

Short, but sweet. You might want to get ready to see TLS at 2nd for the foreseeable future.

Simba Sits, Gattis Starts

In yesterday's news digest, I said that Evan Gattis would probably miss last night's game with a wrist injury while the encouraging news surrounding Andrelton Simmons' nagging ankle injury also had me thinking that maybe Simmons would play through it. To show you how much I know about baseball and/or being a doctor, I got both of those wrong. Gattis played and went 1-4 with a K at the plate, while Andrelton Simmons sat the game out.

Braves Standardize Helmet With Cap

In relatively small news, the Braves got "new" batting helmets today. I put the "new" phrase in quotation marks because it's still the same helmet, just with a different logo on the front; One that matches what the players wear on their caps and just about every other piece of Braves gear. This came after the guys at ESPN's Uni-Watch pointed out the discrepancy. If you noticed this, congratulations! You have what's called an "Eagle Eye (and you are one of 12 people who actually care about this sort of thing, but I digress)." However, if you don't know, then now you know.

League Wide News

Dr. James Andrews Speaks On Elbow Epidemic

I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that approximately 495689221 pitchers have had to go under the knife of Dr. James Andrews for Tommy John Surgery in 2014. This is a bit of an epidemic, and just as with any other epidemic, doctors have to have something to say about it. Along with a Dr. Glenn Feiseg, the two men worked together to come up with a "position statement" on the matter. The article above sifted out the highlights, which I suggest that you read.

Four Teams Win In Walk-Off Fashion On Wednesday

If you like walk-off victories, then you were probably in hog heaven last night, as there were a whopping 4 walk-off victories in baseball, and 3 of them occurred within a 45-minute span of each other.

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