Braves Daily News Digest: 4/23

Alex Wood Embarrasses A Miami Hitter - Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Fernandez Is Terrifying & Other Important News

Braves news

Alex Wood Is Awesome, Loses Anyway

Alex Wood struck out 11 Marlins in 8 innings, walked no batters, while allowing no runs and only four hits. Wood also suffered his second consecutive loss and was clearly the inferior pitcher on Tuesday night. Life ain't fair and the world is mean. The story of the night was the best pitching duel we are likely to see this season as Wood put up dominant numbers while being clearly out pitched by demi-god Jose Fernandez. Fernandez struck out fourteen Braves, walked nobody, and by some miracle the Braves managed to scrape together three hits. Jose Fernandez is a terrifying opponent for the Braves to contemplate having to face multiple times a year in the NL East. Fortunately, he should be sold to an AL Central team in the Marlins next fire sale, just as soon as Jeffrey Loria realizes his team might actually become decent if he isn't careful.

Mike Minor To Make Final Rehab Start On Friday

The long awaited 2014 major league debut of Mike Minor will have to wait another week as the Braves announced plans to have Minor start one more minor league game this Friday. According to Grant McAuley this is to ensure that Minor recieves six starts before he returns to the majors in accordance with the traditional number of starts pitchers make in spring training. Considering the Braves have allowed the fewest runs in the majors so far this season there is no reason to rush Minor back, and this allows extra time for one of the Braves starters to get hurt and simplify the Braves decision with regards to how to fit Minor in the rotation.

Non-Braves News

Albert Pujols Joins 500 Club

Albert Pujols became the 26th player in MLB history to hit 500 career homeruns as Pujols homered twice on Tuesday to help the Angels to their second consecutive victory over the Nationals. Pujols once seemed on pace to be the greatest right handed hitter of all time so this moment was quite special but just a little bittersweet. It once seemed inevitable that 500 homers would be a mere footnote as Pujols chased down some of the game's all time great numbers. Now it's possible this is the last great milestone of Pujols' career. Pujols is actually off to a monstrous start to 2014 posting a 406 wOBA in the early parts of the season. Here is hoping 2014 does indeed prove a renaissance for one of the best to ever play the game.

BREAKING: All The Pitchers

The year of the broken pitcher continued on Tuesday afternoon as Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Matt Moore became Dr James Andrews' millionth customer of the 2014 season. Hopefully Andrews gave Moore a discount to mark this special occasion. Commissioner Bud Selig also announced plans to replace all pitchers with robots by the year 2020 which Selig hopes to coincide with his fifth retirement tour.

Carloz Gomez, Other Players Suspended For Brawl

Carlos Gomez who just loves the game and geez stop ruining his fun Brian McCann, was suspended three games for getting in another bench clearing brawl this time with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Gomez plans to appeal his suspension because it's not his fault he seems to be the guy constantly getting in fights with various National League teams. Other guys who don't have a history of inciting bench clearing brawls were also suspended.

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