Braves Daily News Digest: 4/10

Mike Zarrilli

Your morning/afternoon stop for all the latest Braves news and other top stories around the league.

Braves News

Braves Beat Mets 4-3

The Braves got back in the win column yesterday as they beat the Mets 4-3. The game got off to a great start after Jason Heyward hit a leadoff homer. Things got even better in a big 5th inning as the Braves manufactured 3 runs to make it 4-0. After a shaky 9th inning, Kimbrel managed to get the save and preserve the win for Ervin Santana, who pitched an absolute doozy in his first start as a Brave.

Santana Pitches 8 Great Scoreless Innings In Braves Debut

You'd think that the Braves would have been satisfied after the first two starts for Aaron Harang were good. After this, they're probably in hog heaven, as Ervin Santana's debut was one to remember: 8 innings, 3 hits, 0 runs allowed. However, what was the thing that Santana was most excited about? Hitting, and Santana did just that, getting a hit and scoring a run, which was only the second of his career.

Minor Gets Closer To Joining Main Roster

Starter Mike Minor made another step towards making his official 2014 debut, as he pitched a reportedly pain-free start for the G-Braves on Tuesday night. According to Mark Bowman, Minor was not happy with the results that came from his start for the AAA team, but Fredi Gonzalez wasn't too concerned with the results: He was just hoping that the holder of a 3.21 ERA and 3.37 FIP in 2013 was healthy, and it appears that this is the case.

Avilan's Hamstring Is Okay

During the loss to the Mets on Tuesday, Luis Avilan had to play dodgeball with the shards of a broken bat from Eric Young Jr. He won the game of dodgeball, but had to leave the actual game of baseball that was being played with a tweaked hamstring. Dave O'Brien was on the scene to report that Avilan pitched a bullpen session yesterday to test out the hamstring. He got through the session no problem, which meant that Avilan is clear to perform his bullpen duties.

Beato Goes To Gwinnett

Just a few days after he was added to the Braves roster, reliever Pedro Beato will be going to AAA Gwinnett. Someone had to go down since Ervin Santana was being activated, and Beato was the guy who had to go. Beato pitched for 1 2/3 innings on Tuesday against the Mets, giving up a run in the process.

Bossman Junior Scratched From Wednesday's Lineup

One guy who was absent from yesterday's victory was B.J. Upton. Upton has been scuffling so far, and he was given a day to think about it as Jordan Schafer replaced him in center field and Andrelton Simmons replaced him in the 2nd spot of the lineup. When Fredi Gonzalez was asked why Simmons was inserted into the 2 slot, his answer was simple:

"Well [Simmons] doesn’t strike out," Gonzalez said.

Solid tactics.

The Braves Have An Awesome Shortstop

This isn't news. I just wanted an excuse to post this gif again.



Why Is Aaron's HR Mark The "Most Revered" In All Of Sports?

Grant Brisbee of SB Nation's MLB wing decided to take a closer look at the legendary Hank Aaron and tried to figure out why Hank Aaron's mark of 715 is the most revered record in all of sports, even when Barry Bonds is the actual record-holder. Surely you haven't had enough of Hank Aaron news because Hank Aaron is the freaking man and you can never get enough of Hank Aaron, so this is definitely a worthy read to continue what's been a great week of honor for The Hammer.

League Wide News

Internationalization In MLB

Earlier this week, we got a pretty interesting FanShot from reader willlinn based on some comments made from Bud Selig concerning the internationalization of this wonderful game that we call baseball. The quote came from the title of the FanShot, which was:

"I think people are going to be surprised with where we play next year," Bud Selig

There's already a pretty decent conversation going on, and we think that it's a pretty intriguing topic.

Angels' Hamilton Will Miss 6-8 Weeks Due To Hand Injury

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is Exhibit #9854959827837 as to why you should not slide into first base. On Tuesday, Los Angeles Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton slid headfirst into first base. On Wednesday, Los Angeles Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton was diagnosed with a torn ligament in his hand from sliding headfirst into first base. This still will probably not deter players (or even Josh Hamilton himself) from sliding headfirst into first base.

Infante Should Return By The Weekend

After taking a fastball directly to the face in a scary moment on Monday night, Royals infielder Omar Infante "only" sustained a sprained jaw. Thus, Infante plans to be ready to play in time for the Royals' weekend road trip. That's great news considering how nasty that hit looked.

Billy Hamilton Is Faster Than "Fast" Frank Fleming

Marc Normandin of our friends at SB Nation MLB took a look at the insane speed of Reds rookie Billy Hamilton over 4 gifs. The gifs show off Hamilton's blazing speed as he steals 2nd base, tags up to 3rd on an extremely shallow fly ball, and scores on an even more shallow sacrifice fly ball to right field. Sometimes Major League Baseball players can do some amazing stuff on the field that remind us why they've made it to the highest level of their sport, and that was one such occurrence.

Astros Drew A 0.0 Nielsen Rating...Again

The Houston Astros are probably not going to come close to contending any time soon. This fact combined with the fact that CSN Houston is only available in 500,000 households in a metro area of 5.6 million led to their game with the Angels on Monday drawing a massive 0.0 Nielsen rating. This has happened before, as it came last September when all hope had been lost for a few months. The fact that the 0.0 came this early has to be a bit worrying, right?

Schilling Done With Chemo

In extremely good news, Curt Schilling's wife announced that the former All-Star pitcher and World Series champion was finished with chemotherapy and only had 3 radiation sessions left. This is following successful surgery to treat the cancer that he announced he had during February. Obviously this is great news and we're all hoping that Schilling continues to progress in a positive manner.

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