Weekend Digest: Kinsler's comments; Griffey's interview; Manny wants another shot

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

MLB news from the past week.

Ian Kinsler rips Rangers GM, addresses "0-162" comment - ESPN

In an interview with the Network, Ian Kinsler referred to Rangers GM Jon Daniels as a "sleazeball" for ousting Nolan Ryan, and said he hoped the team would go winless. When news of this initially broke on Tuesday, Kinsler was quick to retreat and said his "0-162" comment was made in jest, and was taken out of context. Whether or not that's the truth, I don't expect Kinsler to receive a warm reception in Texas.

Ken Griffey Jr. gives awkward ESPN interview - SI

Griffey would say afterwards that he wasn't feeling well, but man, could he appear any more disinterested? The following video showcases part of the interview.

Manny Ramirez still wants to play - CBS


Johan Santana takes minor-league deal with O's - ESPN

Santana has been beset with arm and shoulder injuries that caused him to miss all of 2011 and 2013. This is a low-risk option for Baltimore: he gets $3 million if he's added to the 40-man roster, with incentives based on games played, awards won, and days on the active roster. The timetable for Santana to be ready to pitch is after the end of May at the earliest.

Red Sox pitcher tries to move on from death of infant son - NY Daily News

No parent should have to know what that feels like. Best wishes to him as he copes with the loss.

Albert Pujols feels insulted at Mike Trout comparison - NBC

Because how dare anyone suggest Trout has surpassed Pujols in productivity! Albert's numbers have declined since moving west - he played only 99 games in 2013 due to a foot injury - and it's not unrealistic to assume that will continue.

Cole Hamels suffers setback - SBNation

Hamels has said his arm feels tired while recovering from shoulder inflammation. This is the latest bad news the Phillies staff has had to deal with, in addition to injuries to Ethan Martin and Jonathan Pettibone. Hamels did not divulge whether or not he would be able to pitch at all the first month of the season.

Rick Ankiel announces retirement - SI

Ankiel had one of the oddest careers, going from pitcher to outfielder, debuting with the Cardinals in 1999 and playing for five teams over the course of his last five major-league seasons including the Braves. He's known to have an awesome throwing arm, and for throwing five wild pitches in a playoff start against the Braves in 2000, but Atlanta fans know him most recently for his home run in the 2010 Division Series.

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