So I hear you guys like context-neutral stats...

So, this is probably my second or third year of attempting to get this going, and I apologize in advance for taking up space in the Fanposts section, blah blah blah, etc. I'll take this down as soon as this attempt also fails (or maybe succeeds!)

I've played a lot of fantasy baseball, but it's probably to the point where my satisfaction with it has become saturated. A large chunk of that is that, well, too many of the standard 4x4 or 5x5 stats are waaayyy too arbitrary, for the same reasons that we generally decry whenever someone brings up pitcher Wins or RBI as a measure of a player's worth.

In any case -- I'll cut to chase -- given the apparent demise of the original TC oldtimers' fantasy league and a seeming dearth of other attempts to get the TC regulars and faithful, I'm trying to gauge immediate interest in a fantasy league based on relatively context-neutral stats.

The specific scoring I'm looking at can be found here, shamelessly stolen from Fangraphs' ottoneu game and the phenomenal work on scoring systems done by Justin Merry. (See the very good Rotographs posts from Mr. Merry on hitting and pitching for the exact scoring details, and justifications.) Basically, the idea is to not bother with stuff like RBI and runs which are dependent on other players on a team, and instead give points based on the average number of runs that an outcome delivers. For pitching, it's relatively similar and there are two scoring systems to choose from: more of an FIP-purist one where non-homer hits don't penalize pitchers, and a more adjusted one that more closely reflects that when pitchers have bad outings, they give up their fair share of hits as well. (Astute readers will have noticed that this is a points league, and not a H2H league by now, because if we're reducing the variance associated with RBI totals and pitcher wins and junk, why bother even having player-versus-player matchups when it's only your aggregate totals at season's end that matter?

I'm not thinking anything fancy otherwise - nothing funky with roster sizes, positions, a standard snake draft, and so on.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, let me know. If enough people are interested, it's quick to set up and get rolling, and we can decide specific things in the league itself. If there's mild interest, as usual, no worries - I'll take the post down by the end of the week. (Side note: I'm judging "sufficient interest" to be 10+ players, because otherwise everyone has a team of All-Stars and that's kinda meh.)

Oh, one more difficulty: I got this up pretty late but ideally I'd like to draft before the season begins, which gives us 4 days to assemble and draft. I'm looking at a Friday night draft, really, which I know is short notice, but them's the breaks. I suppose we could also give a middle finger to the Aussie-bound Dodgers and D-backs and draft at some point next week, but I prefer holisticity (which is apparently not a word) holism (h/t Arinhal).

Anyway, thoughts? Interest? Pictures of cats being adorable?

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