Weekend Digest: Cubs have promising future; Rollins benched; Mets coach in trouble

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

MLB news from the past week.

Prospects Baez, Bryant give Cubs hope for future - Yahoo

The Cubs selected Baez in the first round of the 2011 draft and is currently the team's top prospect, as well as the fifth-best prospect as rated by Baseball America. Bryant was the second overall pick in the 2013 draft and is Baseball America's eight-best prospect. Jon Heyman likens Bryant to Dave Kingman in terms of power but with a friendlier disposition. Fellow prospect Albert Almora says of them, "They both put the ball to the moon."

Mets pitching coach apologizes for racial slur - NY Daily News

The story goes that WSJ reporter Stu Woo overheard an apology pitching coach Dan Warthen made to Daisuke Matsuzaka's interpreter Jeff Cutler for calling him a "Chinaman." Warthen used the word in the apology within earshot of Woo and when word got out that he uttered the slur, he was forced to apologize for it. (Article here)

Jimmy Rollins is apparently in Ryne Sandberg's doghouse - TGP

Rollins has been horrible this spring, and when he rode the pine for three straight days, many people believed it was because when Rollins was asked about his struggles, he responded with "Who cares?" Sandberg insists that he was simply giving Rollins a break in order to evaluate Freddy Galvis, but Rollins has a history of having a lackadaisical attitude.

Cardinals sign Cuban shortstop Diaz - ESPN

Diaz was signed to a four-year deal worth between $15-$20 million, but he'll start the year in the minors with Jhonny Peralta having already been signed in the offseason. Diaz joins the flux of Cuban talent into MLB in addition to Erisbel Arrebarruena, Alex Guerrero, and Jose Abreu.

Livan Hernandez retires - SI

Forever remembered in infamy for his playoff start against the Braves in 1997, Hernandez logged 3,189 innings from 1996 to 2012, and somehow managed to survive the last few years of his career with a fastball that never broke 90 mph. He split 2012 between the Braves and Milwaukee.

Lansing Lugnuts to have apartments in the outfield - MLive

Ever wanted to live at a ballpark? Come 2016, and you very well may. Half of a $22 million proposal will go toward adding a four-story, 80-room apartment complex beyond the outfield wall complete with a year-round bar and grill.

Gallardo tabbed as Opening Day starter for Brewers - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

We now know who the Braves will face March 31 at Miller Park. Gallardo last faced the Braves in 2012 and is 4-1 in seven starts with a 2.01 ERA against them.

Manny Machado: 2014 salary "disappointing" - NBC

He has all of 207 major-league games under his belt and he's complaining about $519,000? Apparently, his $5.25 million contract when he first signed wasn't enough.

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