2014 Braves Bobblehead discussion

Greetings fellow nerds. Hi. It's been a while. I hope everyone is well.

I know we in Braves Country have a lot to talk about these days, obviously the starting pitching conundrum being at the very forefront of these pressing matters.

But I have something very important I'd like to start some discussion about myself: bobbleheads.

Yes, I am the worst Braves fan in existence. I am more wrapped up in trying to figure out how I'm going to get bobbleheads throughout the season than I am over debating on whether or not Ervin Santana is going to be good, who's going to be the "fifth" starter, or if Evan Gattis can actually stop swinging at absolutely everything and at some point see a count where there are more balls than strikes.

Not sure how many people are here now that remember (me at all), but I've always been an enthusiast of those wacky little figurines given out at ballpark gates all across the country, of baseball players, some our favorites, and some because we just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, the Braves as an organization are giving out a metric f-ton of bobbleheads this season:







Andrelton Simmons

Mike Minor

Andrelton Simmons

Evan Gattis

Freddie Freeman

TBD, usually one

Bobby Cox

Julio Teheran

Freddie Freeman

Greg Maddux

Ron Gant

Evan Gattis

Tom Glavine

Chopper (Mascot)

Jason Heyward

Hank Aaron

Craig Kimbrel

Fan Choice

And I want each and every single one of them I can get my hands on. Don't ask me why a grown-ass man in his 30's still collects these things, I just do.

But here's the thing, and this is where I'm really hoping one of my fellow TC brethren can help me out.

Mississippi may as well be the moon for me sometimes. Simply put, there's no easy way to get the Mississippi bobbleheads for me, and it's a shame, because I frankly think they're the best looking out of them all, from what preview images I've seen. According to the bobblehead schedule, every single M-Braves bobblehead giveaway is an evening game on a Friday or Saturday, and would undoubtedly necessitate an overnight stay either in Jackson, or if I were ambitious enough to drive, somewhere in Mississippi or Alabama on my way back to Georgia. Now I am planning at least one trip to Mississippi this summer, but that still leaves the possibility of not being present to get the others that I really want.

So basically, I'm looking for Mississippi locals who would be willing to make some bobblehead trades throughout the season.

Obviously, it works best here, since we're all Braves fans here. I am willing and able to trade any one, or multiple people, for the M-Braves bobbleheads in exchange for any Braves bobblehead on the above list. I live in Atlanta, and have family in Virginia to where I typically make special trips up to Lynchburg and Danville to gather what they give out, so suffice to say, I'll be able to get my hands on the bobbleheads from anywhere else in the Braves' organization.

Sure, I could just camp eBay, and shell out like $40-48 for the bobbleheads the day after each giveaway, and completely avoid travel costs, lodging costs, and all that noise, but ultimately, I enjoy trading bobbleheads, and I think it's a great way for Braves fans to bolster their collections for both parties.

Anyway, let this be a thread where other bobblehead nerds like me can talk and hopefully, work some trades out. Otherwise, again, I hope everyone's been well, and that you're as excited to what the coming of a new season brings as I am.

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