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Hey guys! I've been a long time follower here & this is my 1st time posting. I love the site & all the commentary it kinda helps with all my baseball cravings throughout the off-season.

But the reason for the post is that I have been interested in starting up an ESPN fantasy baseball league for braves fans. I'm kind of stealing this idea from another fantasy baseball league that I have been playing in but it's just been to fun not to try & reuse. It's going to be a long-term league with keepers, & even going beyond keepers to having a farm league team that each manager keeps up with. Not only has this method been really fun but it has also helped expand my knowledge about baseball prospects, recruiting, & things like that.

I'll be looking for some serious team managers, I'm thinking around 12 teams, who aren't gonna quit managing if their team is out of the hunt & who are willing to stay committed beyond the initial year!

Here's a list of rules, which give a little explanation of how the league would work:

  1. Draft

    1. The league will hold a slow draft starting @ least 3 weeks before opening day.

    2. Draft order will be randomly determined once the league is full. Draft will be a snake draft.

    3. Owners can post their pick on the league message board, the drafting thread, and the league draft spreadsheet - owners are encouraged to post in all 3 locations.

      1. After picking their player owners must then email the next person to draft letting them know they are on the clock.

    4. Owners will have 12 hours to make their pick.

      1. If time expires the owner's turn will be skipped and he can make his pick from the still available players at his earliest convenience.

      2. If an owner has not made his pick when his next turn comes up he will have 6 hours to make his pick. If he misses two picks he will then have 3 hours when his next turn comes up. The time to pick will decrease by 50% upon each missed pick.

    5. If an owner will be unavailable to draft for an extended period he is encouraged to post notice on the league message board and to send picks to the league manager or co-manager so that the draft can continue without undue delay.

    6. Non-rostered Farm team eligible players(more in note 3) can be drafted onto a Legends team as part of the regular draft

      1. Any player drafted as part of a regular draft must remain on the major league fantasy team and cannot be sent down to their Farm team.

  1. Trades

    1. Draft picks, Majors team, and Farm team players are all eligible for trades.

  2. Minor League Players

    1. Teams may not pick up via free agency minor league (or new) players until they are called up to their major league team.

      1. Minor league (or new) players who are not rostered on a Farm team will be subject to league waiver wire rules if they are called up to the major leagues. Team owners must submit their waiver claim in the regular free agent acquisition method, the team with the highest waiver number will be awarded the player. The winning team will then lose their waiver place (standard waiver rules). The waiver period will start ASAP after the player is called up to the major league team.

  1. Farm Team Bylaws

    1. Each owner's Farm team may consist of up to six (6) players.

    2. Farm Team Draft

      1. Farm team draft to take place prior to the Major League fantasy draft.

      2. Initial year draft order is random.

      3. Following years draft order will be worst to first based upon prior year league final standing. Draft will be a snake draft.

      4. Draft will be a slow draft with the same rules as stated above for the Major League Draft.

      5. Owner's can only draft players for their Farm team that have not yet reached rookie criteria: 130 AB’s for hitters and 50 IP or 30 pitching appearances for pitchers.

    3. Once a player reaches any of the levels stated in 4.2.5. the player’s owner has two weeks to roster that player on their Legends team.

      1. After two weeks of reaching rookie criteria (as stated in 4.2.5.) if the player has not been moved to their Legends team the player will be dropped from the Farm team and becomes subject to standard free agent waiver wire rules.

    4. An owner may only call up a prospect only after said prospect has been called up by his major league team.

      1. Once a player is called up by his owner that player can only be sent back down to his Farm team if he is sent back to the minor leagues by his real MLB team, and has not met the 130 AB, or 50 IP or 30 appearance.

      2. Only exception, an owner can call up a player on his Farm team prior to the 2nd yr preseason Major League draft. If any Farm team player is placed on the Legends roster prior to the preseason draft that player cannot be sent down to the Farm team regardless of his actual baseball status.

    5. Owners may trade players from their Farm team to other owners, provided the transaction does not put either owner over their maximum number of players in their Farm team or Majors team.

    6. Owners may drop players from their Farm team at anytime. Those players immediately become part of the pool of available talent for the next supplemental player draft, unless that player has reached rookie criteria (as stated in 4.2.5) and then they're available as a free agent to be picked up on a Majors roster.

    7. Owners may not add players to their Farm team through any other means besides the initial draft, the Supplemental player draft or trades with another owner.

    8. Keepers – Each owner is allowed to keep the max of 6 players on their Farm team roster. For each Farm team keeper a player would lose a draft pick at the back end of the next supplemental draft (starting with 5th round, then 4th, then 3rd, etc)

    9. There will be 2 supplemental drafts, one at the beginning of season, and one a week after MLB first-year amateur draft.

5. Keepers

  1. Each team will keep a total of 10 player from the previous year

  2. Keepers must be picked and are finalized 1 week before the start of the draft. If an owner fails to pick 10 keepers before the deadline the league manager will assign keepers to the team based upon the highest rated players in the ESPN pre-draft settings
I know it's a little early to be looking @ this stuff, ESPN hasn't even finished their 2014 fantasy baseball setup yet, but I was just curious to see if there was any interest for anything like this. Thanks for looking & let me know if you'd be interested in playing!

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