Rosterbation at the end of the Offseason

The current offseason is coming to a near end, and it looks like Frank Wren is pretty much done, at least in big name free agency. He, along with many other GMs, have held tightly to their draft picks, as they likely should. President John Scheurholz's comments about Wren being "not done" this offseason at first seemed to be something of an order, or mandate. But now, it definitely looks like it was just optimism.

There's already a large plethora of AAA and AAAA players ready to fill voids, among of which is in the bullpen. There are plenty of surprises, FAs, and prospects coming up to compete for a few spots. The core of the pen starts with Kimbrel, and trickles down from there:

1. CL ( R ) Craig Kimbrel

2. SU ( R ) Jordan Walden

3. SU ( L ) Jonny Venters

4. MR ( R ) David Carpenter

5. MR ( L ) Luis Avilan

Those are the guaranteed spots, leaving two left. The list of candidates is long:

( R ) J.R. Graham

( R ) Cody Martin

( R ) Yunesky Maya

( L ) Atahualpa Severino

( L ) Ryan Buchter

( R ) Cory Gearrin

( R ) David Hale

( R ) Juan Jaime

( R ) Wirfin Obispo

( R ) Anthony Varvaro

( R ) Luis Vasquez

( L ) Alex Wood

( R ) Brandon Beachy

The main favorite for a bullpen spot is Anthony Varvaro, who shined for the entire year in the pen. A few free agents could compete, especially Luis Vasquez and the lefty Atahualpa Severino. A few prospects could also be in the mix, like Ryan Buchter, Cory Gearrin, and David Hale. Also, the complexity around Beachy and Wood could likely affect the last spot in the pen. Which brings me to the rotation...

The 3 locks are Medlen, Minor, and Teheran. Floyd is out until June. Garcia has a minor league contract with an opt-out clause on March 25. I think that if Beachy is ready to go to Spring Training at full steam ahead, then he'll likely win a spot. If Wood performs exceptionally well, then he could win it. If one of them isn't ready or isn't able, then Garcia will take a spot by Opening Day. However, I truly see this being Beachy's and Wood's to lose. Whatever happens to Garcia just happens. This will also be an interesting scenario for Gavin Floyd. By May or June or whenever he's ready, if all 5 spots are filled perfectly, where does he go? Assuming Beachy and/or Wood have been good enough to win a spot out of ST and then maintain it through June, I'm sure most of us wouldn't be okay with just moving out one of them in favor of Gavin Floyd.

Moving to the offensive side, there's one spot left on the bench. Four spots are already taken by:

C ( R ) Gerald Laird

C/1B/RF ( S ) Ryan Doumit

IF ( S ) Ramiro Pena

OF ( L ) Jordan Schafer

There's another strong group of candidates for the last spot:

1B ( R ) Ernesto Mejia

2B ( R ) Tyler Pastornicky

SS/2B ( R ) Tyler Greene

OF ( L ) Jose Constanza

OF ( S ) Todd Cunningham

RF ( S ) Joey Terdoslavich

3B ( L ) Mat Gamel

2B ( R ) Phillip Gosselin

2B ( L ) Tommy La Stella

1B ( L ) Mark Hamilton

Out of all of that, I'm seeing only Pastornicky, Greene, Terdoslavich, and Gamel as possibilities. Each of those guys has their merits, none of them having a clear advantage over another.

What do you think the roster could be? Here's mine:

1. RF ( L ) Jason Heyward

2. 3B ( R ) Chris Johnson

3. LF ( R ) Justin Upton

4. 1B ( L ) Freddie Freeman

5. C ( R ) Evan Gattis

6. SS ( R ) Andrelton Simmons

7. 2B ( R ) Dan Uggla

8. CF ( R ) B.J. Upton

C ( R ) Gerald Laird

C/1B/OF ( S ) Ryan Doumit

IF ( S ) Ramiro Pena

OF ( L ) Jordan Schafer

2B ( R ) Tyler Pastornicky

SP ( R ) Kris Medlen

SP ( L ) Mike Minor

SP ( R ) Julio Teheran

SP ( R ) Brandon Beachy

SP ( L ) Alex Wood

CL ( R ) Craig Kimbrel

SU ( R ) Jordan Walden

SU ( L ) Jonny Venters

MR ( R ) David Carpenter

MR ( L ) Luis Avilan

MR ( L ) Ryan Buchter

LR ( R ) Anthony Varvaro

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