Weekend Dump: Hall of Fame aftermath; former player dishes on Peralta, Bonds; La Russa could be next M's president

Doug Pensinger

Welcome to the Dump.

Dan LeBatard gives Hall vote to Deadspin as protest - ESPN

He states that he did so because he "hated the hypocrisy" and believes the Hall of Fame was being "sanctimonious" in regards to keeping the steroid users out. As a result, he's been stripped of his HOF voting rights.

Rosenthal: Hall voting should be tweaked - FOX Sports

He suggests the selections be limited to 12 or 15 to prevent votes for undeserving players. Who voted for Jacque Jones, anyway?

Who wants to see another ridiculous Hall of Fame ballot? - BLS

BBWAA made public 146 of the 571 ballots cast; one of them belongs to Larry Rocca. He cast four votes, none of them for any of the three players who made it. His reason for that, however, is even more ridiculous. I think he be trollin'.

Ex-player discusses Jhonny Peralta, Barry Bonds - The Score

Brian Johnson, a former major-league catcher (stats) and current scout for the Giants, stated on a podcast that he could tell when Jhonny Peralta was not juicing. He also admits he's the guy who signed off on Melky Cabrera, confessing that he looked foolish when Melky got busted. Johnson also talks about Barry Bonds and his personality.

Wheeler, Matthews out as Phillies announcers - philly.com

Wheeler was the longest-tenured member of the broadcast team, serving 37 years in the booth. Some former Phillies players have been tagged as potential replacements such as Brad Lidge and Ricky Bottalico.

Pirates to phase out actual pirate in their logo - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

I love this snippet from the article:

The current version of the logo has represented the team for 17 years -- 16 of them losing seasons. That may be why the team explored rebranding in the first place, Mr. [Antonio] Williams said.

I'm sure the product on the field had nothing to do with it, then.

La Russa on short list to replace Mariners president - USA Today

Two internal candidates are also involved, but he is believed to be the odds-on favorite.

Maddux was almost a Yankee - MLB.com

I never knew this, but George Steinbrenner was suspended in 1992 and couldn't participate in negotiations with Maddux, and Steinbrenner was known as a good salesman. So…I guess you could say The Boss, in a way, was responsible for Maddux signing with the Braves.

Nyjer Morgan wants to return to MLB - ESPN

At least he'll always be remembered for getting clotheslined by Gaby Sanchez.

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