Game Thread 9/27: Phillies at Braves

Brian Kersey

Continuing the quest for home-field advantage.

Loading Scores

1. Jason Heyward - CF
2. Reed Johnson - LF
3. Justin Upton - RF
4. Freddie Freeman - 1B
5. Evan Gattis - C
6. Chris Johnson - 3B
7. Andrelton Simmons - SS
8. Dan Uggla - 2B
9. Kris Medlen - P

Let's recap some position player performances this year:

  • Freddie Freeman leads all Braes players with nearly 5 wins of value this season. His .317/.396/.503 is better than expected, and it's even better than my optimistic thoughts headed into the season. He's been an All-Star caliber player.
  • Andrelton Simmons comes in next with about 4.5 wins. The .245/.293/.393 line isn't great (90 wRC+), but it's fine for shortstops, especially considering he's the best defensive shortstop in the game. Outstanding season.
  • Jason Heyward is third on the team with about 3.5 wins despite playing in 100 games. He's probably the most valuable player on the team over a full-season, and he, at the very least, helps make a strong troika.
  • Justin Upton comes in with a slightly disappointing 3 wins. The .261/.353/.459 line is about what we would expect given his career totals. Interestingly, his 127 wRC+ is better than his career mark of 119 even though his slash line looks pretty similar. Park matters, folks. Park matters.
  • Brian McCann and Chris Johnson come in with pretty similar win values as JUp, but they are pleasant surprises. To be honest, I had no idea what to expect from McCann, and I'll take it. And I really can't believe what Chris Johnson has done. Sustainable or not, he's been a huge addition to this team.
  • Evan Gattis roared out of the gates this season, and while his line currently sits at .240/.287/.477, that's above-average (107 wRC+). If you stick that behind the plate, you get a 3-winish player.
  • Dan Uggla disappointed. His strikeout rate rose 5 percentage points, and his power output is still well below career marks. While I didn't expect All-Star, I thought he'd be a bit better than this.
  • And of course, we get to BJ Upton, whose .184/.268/.289 line means he cost the team this season as a below-replacement player. It was a rough season in his NL and Braves debut, but I expect a bounce-back next season as he remains in his prime years.
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