2011 Alex Gonzalez v. 2013 Andrelton Simmons

Has anyone thought that Andrelton Simmons and Alex Gonzalez, in their first full seasons with the Braves, have remarkably similar numbers and/or performances? Both are known for awesome defense and bad on-base percentages. After checking into it, has anyone else seen how remarkably similar their numbers are in their first full seasons with the Braves?

By "First full season", I mean Gonzalez's 2011 season, and Andrelton Simmons's 2013 season. First, their offense:


Games: So far, Simmons has played 92 games in 2013, missing only 6 games. Using direct proportions, playing 92 games out of 98 correlates to 152 games over 162. In 2011, Alex Gonzalez played 149.

wRC+: In Alex Gonzalez's 2011 season, his wRC+ was 75. Through 92 games in 2013, Andrelton Simmons's wRC+ is 75.

Slash line: Alex Gonzalez's slash in 2011 was .241/.270/.372. Andrelton's slash in 2013 is .243/.281/.354.

On-base: Gonzo in 2011 had a .285 BABIP. Andrelton has a .244 BABIP this year, which is sure to improve, but I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't get over .300. Gonzo's 2011 wOBA was .281, while Simba's 2013 wOBA is .279.

Power: Gonzo's ISO in 2011 was .131, while Simba's 2013 ISO is .111. Both have a fair amount of power for shortstops, with Alex Gonzalez's being a little larger.

Percentages: In 2011, Gonzalez had a 3.7 BB% and a 21.2 K%. This year, Simba has a 5.1 BB% and a 8.3 K%. Big difference in terms of strikeouts, but Simba makes up for it with a trend of bad contact, as evidenced by a low BABIP, which balances out the OBPs.


Innings: Gonzo played 1,316 innings at shortstop in 2011. Simba has played 799.2 innings at shortstop in 2013. Using direct proportions, 799.2 innings out of 864.2 total innings correlates to 1,368.1 innings, if you stretch it over a course of 1,478.2 innings, which is the amount of total innings pitched by the Braves in 2011.

Fielding Percentage: Gonzo's fielding percentage in 2011 was .981. Simba's 2013 fielding percentage is currently .984.

Ultimate Zone Rating: Gonzo's UZR in 2011 was -0.1. Simba's UZR in 2013 is 12.6.

Ultimate Zone Rating/150: Gonzo's UZR/150 in 2011 was -0.1. Simba's UZR/150 in 2013 is 20.0.

Defensive Runs Saved: Gonzo saved 9 runs in 2011. Simba has saved an amazing 25 runs in 2013.

Counting Balls in Zone: In 2011, Gonzo made 330 plays out of 389 balls in his zone, for a .848 percentage. In 2013, Simba has made 225 plays out of 258 balls in his zone, for a .872 percentage.


Ultimate Base Running: In 2011, Gonzalez had a UBR of 0.0, while in 2013 Simmons has a UBR of -0.1.

wSB: Base Running runs above average (abbreviated "BsR" or "wSB"). Gonzalez had a -0.1 wSB in 2011. Simmons has a -0.9 wSB in 2013.

Stolen Bases/Caught Stealing: In 2011, Gonzalez was 2-for-2 in stolen bases. In 2013, Simmons is currently 5-for-9.


Wins Above Replacement: In 2011, Gonzo was worth 0.8 fWAR. In 2013, Simba is currently worth 1.7 fWAR. Going to B-R, Gonzo had a 1.7 WAR, 0.6 Offensive WAR, and a 1.8 Defensive WAR. Simba currently has a 3.2 WAR, 0.4 Offensive WAR, and a 3.3 Defensive WAR.

So, offensively, Simmons and Gonzalez were very similar to each other in their first full seasons with the Braves. Defensively, Simmons trumps Gonzalez in everything except the traditional Fielding Percentage. Overall, Simmons' excess in defensive greatness makes his overall WAR values much greater than Alex Gonzalez's.

However, you must ask yourselves, how much is the difference in the two's defense worth compared to the offense that they both put up--a .240/.280/.360 slash line?

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