Braves (Sort Of) Bash Marlins, 11-3

Kevin C. Cox

11 runs, 0 home runs?

We'll mark this down as an unconventional drubbing.

While the Braves are known for their home run power, the only home run hit in tonight's game was a first-inning shot by Logan Morrison off of a shaky Kris Medlen. Medlen wasn't missing many bats - 1 strikeout in 6 innings - but he managed to keep the Marlins from doing too much damage. Without a 1-2-3 inning the entire night, the diminuitive righty tight-roped out of danger by exploiting the worst offense in baseball. It might not have mattered all that much, however, as the Braves offense took advantage of some shoddy defense while also converting chances to score.

The first instance came in the third inning. After a leadoff double by Chris Johnson, Medlen laid down a sacrifice bunt that he beat to first, but the throw went wide, leading to a collision between Medlen and Morrison. Medlen seemed to be unaffected, but Morrison went down for a few minutes. The ball, however, continued sailing down the right field line, allowing Johnson to score.

During the following inning, Justin Upton - who raked 3 fastballs and went 3-for-4 with a walk - tripled into right-center. On the ensuing play, a mix-up in left-center between Juan Pierre and Marcell Ozuna led to a flailing attempt by Pierre to catch the ball, but he simply batted the ball away from both of them. The run would score, but a couple strikeouts and a pop up would prevent Freddie Freeman, who hit the ball to left-center, from scoring.

The flood gates opened in the sixth inning. Justin laced a ball to right, and Freeman followed with an "infield hit" that Derek Dietrich misplayed. Brian McCann popped a ball up to the left field line, but Pierre couldn't quite get to it, loading the bases. After Johnson doubled to right field, Jordan Schafer (hobbling) and Andrelton Simmons beat out infield singles to make the score 7-3.

The Braves would put together 4 more runs over the next two innings by more conventional means. But it was still an odd offensive outburst for a team that hits a lot of home runs. Poor Marcell Ozuna, a corner outfielder in the minors, had a rough night in center, and the rest of the Marlins' defense didn't help.

Really, the only bad part of the game was B.J. Upton leaving the game with muscle spasms in his forearm, and he'll be day-to-day.

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Source: FanGraphs

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