Trade: Dan Uggla

When I hear the name "Dan Uggla" it just makes me cringe. It's no secret that he hasn't turned out to be worth the contract we are paying him, but he's Dan Uggla. He's still a potential All-Star caliber who's bat has a lot of pop. His average may be sub-par, but he gets on base and knocks in runners. Houston could really use a face to their franchise, and Uggla could fill that void. So here is what the deal could POSSIBLY look like:

ATL Receives-

Rio Ruiz

Jose Altuve

HOU Receives:

Dan Uggla

Sean Gilmartin

Tyler Pastornicky

So here is why the deal makes sense for both sides, in my opinion:

In this deal, each side is looking for different types of peices. Atlanta is looking to improve its already strong lineup, and Houston is in complete rebuild mode. I don't see Altuve as a guy that can carry a team, but I do believe that aquiring Dan Uggla gives them a centerpeice to build around. The next part of the peice for Houston is Sean Gilmartin, highly regarded as the Braves top prospect. He is a potential starter within the next two years, and Houston's staff could use some help. Gilmartin gives them exactly that. The last peice would be Tyler Pastornicky. Before the rise of Andrelton Simmons, Pastornicky was set to become the future for the Braves at short. Since then he has actually improved his game, hitting for a higher average and improving his defence. Even though the future of the Astros is Carlos Correa at short, Pastornicky can play almost all infield positions. The Astros get young talent and a veteran star in this deal, which is exactly what I think they need.

As far as what is in it for the Braves, they get rid of Uggla while receiving Altuve. He could be the future at second, and won't be requiring to carry the team by any means. He could fill a good role at the lead off, as well as allow us to get younger. He makes a whole world of sense for the Braves to aquire, even if it means giving up a top prospect. The other peice in the deal would be Rio Ruiz, an unproven third baseman who is in single A. Third base is the most interesting position for the Braves. We currently have Chris Johnson starting, who is playing exceptionally well, and we also have a stud in the minors, Edward Salcedo. Johnson is 28, however, so it may be a good idea to try to grow a third baseman in their farm system. Rio Ruiz would certainly give us a shot at that, considering he is only 18.

I feel as though this deal is fair for both sides, seeing as they are in different phases. They value different types of players in a different way than the Braves do. Getting younger while still atracting a fan base is the path the Astros are going, so this deal would certainly help them acheive that.

Please answer the poll with your opinion, and put your explanations in the comments!

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