Game photos: Rosenbaum vs. Flande


Brandon Boggs went 3 for 5 with a home run

SYRACUSE, NY (May 29, 2013) - Photos from the third game of the Syracuse Chiefs/Gwinnett Braves series.

For those of you wondering who Corey Wimberly was - this is him.


I guess they didn't need him with Jose Constanza healthy again; they released him.

Tyler Pastornicky on deck.


Joey Terdoslavich


The starting pitcher for the Chiefs was Cincinnati boy Danny Rosenbaum.


He was a Rule 5 pick last December, returned to the Nationals when the Rockies signed Jon Garland.

Pastornicky with the one-out single in the first.


Ernesto Mejia also singled.


Pastornicky, who moved to second on a balk, tried to come home.


Unfortunately, he was way out.


Yohan Flande started for Gwinnett.


Brandon Boggs hit a leadoff homer in the second.


Chris Rahl leaps, but misses. (If you look closely, you can see the ball is behind his closed glove.)



Joe Leonard walked, and Matt Pagnozzi also singled.


Paul Janish singled, loading the bases for Flande.


The Chiefs' first baseman is Chris Marrero, the younger brother of Braves prospect Christian Marrero.


Flande hit a weak groundball up the middle.


Second baseman Will Rhymes booted it. Everybody safe!


Todd Cunningham hit a RBI single.


Pastornicky hit a weak grounder back to the pitcher, that was like a bunt, though he swung hard.


Janish had no chance, and was forced out at home.


Terdoslavich walked and Mejia hit a sac fly to score Cunningham. With the dreaded Boggs up again, Rosenbaum got the hook.

There's a regular fan at the Syracuse ballpark who's a real character. He must have season tickets because he's there every night. He has a really loud voice, and heckles the visiting players constantly, often making fun of their names. With Pastornicky, it was "You're a gangster! I can tell by your name! Gang-ster Pastornicky!" (I think he thought Pastornicky was an Italian name.) With Janish, it was "Janish, we're going to garnish your wages!" If he can't think of anything else, he falls back on, "You used to be a prospect, now you're a suspect!"

He did not heckle Boggs, though. He just said, "I don't want anything to do with Boggs!" - which got a smile from Boggs.

Jeremy Accardo took over for Rosenbaum.


He got Boggs to line out, and the inning was finally over.

But another scorefest started in the fourth. Todd Cunningham hit a bloop to left.



Pastornicky singled.


It was kind of a weird single. It went right to second baseman Will Rhymes, who fielded it cleanly...then couldn't decide whether to throw to second or first.

Pastornicky looks dead in the water, no? But he wasn't. Rhymes thought about trying for a double play so long he ended up not even making a throw.


Terdoslavich doubled, bringing home both Pastornicky and Cunningham. I missed the shot because security was arguing with the people right in front of me. More staff there than fans that night, but they had to hassle people over where they were sitting.

Mejia homered, scoring Terdoslavich.


Eury Perez gives chase, but he has no chance.




Scoring wasn't over yet! Boggs grounded out, but Joe Leonard hit a bloop to left.


Pagnozzi struck out. Janish laced one to left.


The pitcher's up next. Flande bunts...and reaches first safely.


Cunningham walked, scoring Leonard and driving Accardo from the game. Jeff Mandel got Pastornicky to ground out, but the damage was done. It's 10-1.

Utility infielder Sean Kazmar pinch hit for Cunningham in the sixth. This was unusual, because Cunningham is a much better hitter than Kazmar.


I wondered if Cunningham was injured...but Ready was just putting in the scrubs because it was a blowout.

Sort of. He put Kazmar at 2B, and moved Pastornicky to center field.


Pastornicky didn't look quite comfortable out there, but he did fine.

Flande, who had a great night both on the mound and at the plate, was switched out after 7 innings.


Ready signaled to Janish that his night was done. Janish seemed surprised. "Me?" he asked.


Guess he's used to going in when the scrubs take over, not being taken out.

Mejia struck out in the 7th, but didn't seem to mind.


The ninth inning was the battle of the Cedenos: Xavier for the Chiefs, Juan for the Braves. They are not related, so far as I know.

Xavier Cedeno:


Juan Cedeno:


The Chiefs went quietly. Braves win, 10-1.


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