Game photos: Ohlendorf vs. Gilmartin


You're probably in trouble if half your hits are courtesy of Paul Janish.

SYRACUSE, NY (May 30, 2013) - Photos from the fourth game of the Syracuse Chiefs/Gwinnett Braves series.

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Tyler Pastornicky and Jose Constanza hug before the game starts, as usual.


Joey Terdoslavich


Todd Cunningham during the national anthem.


The Chiefs' starter, Ross Ohlendorf, does this quirky little bow as part of his wind up.


I don't remember it from his time with the Yankees. I guess it's new.


Ohlendorf has since been called up. He had a great start, and the Nationals are making room for him to stay - in the bullpen.

Jose Constanza in the on-deck circle.


After Cunningham drew a walk in the first, Pastornicky hit a grounder to third.


The fielder misplayed it, and no one was sure whether it was a hit or a reached on error. Everyone looked to the scoreboard, to see if a "1" appeared under "H" or "E."

It never did, and everyone, including Pastornicky, was wondering which it was. The next inning, I heard him asking a teammate if a decision had been made yet.

Gradually, it dawned on us that the decision must be "none of the above." It was ruled a fielder's choice. No hit, no error.

Terdoslavich walked.


(What is that in his mouth? I thought minor leaguers weren't allowed to use tobacco during games.)

Bases were loaded, but they were unable to cash in.

The infielders take the field. Janish had his hands full, bringing out all the caps and gloves.


Sean Gilmartin took the mound for the G-Braves.



Paul Janish singled in the second - the first hit of the game.


Janish on first base with bench coach Billy Nicholson and Chiefs first baseman Chris Marrero.


Note the setting sun shining right in their faces. Beautiful golden light for photos, but tough on the fielders. From first base, the setting sun is right behind the shortstop.

For that reason, the shortstops were intentionally throwing one-hoppers to first - so the first baseman wouldn't be blinded by the sun.

The day before, Janish got a throwing error. I was surprised to see it in the box score, because I was at the game and did not see any errors by Janish. The error should have been on Mejia. He missed the catch. (And it wasn't just me - the crowd started laughing and yelling "He dropped it!") But I guess since it was a one-hopper, it was ruled a throwing error.

The broadcasters didn't seem to understand that it was intentional. They were saying Janish's arm must be injured, because he kept throwing balls in the dirt.

Gilmartin bunted Janish over, but he ended up stranded when Constanza struck out.


Tyler Pastornicky blows...bubbles. :-)


Ernesto Mejia tosses his helmet in disgust after striking out in the third.


Pastornicky singled in the 6th.


Stealing second...



Shortstop Zach Walters can't make the catch.


Terdoslavich reacts to striking out in the sixth.


Paul Janish singled again in the 7th - the only Gwinnett player to get more than one hit.


He was erased when Constanza hit into a double play.


Zach Walters with the throw, Will Rhymes backing up.


Constanza puts his hat on to take the field.


UFOs over Syracuse? No, just David Hale on the mound in the 7th. The red light is a train signal.


The trains run right by the ballpark, and trains have been adopted as the team's symbol. The Chiefs used to have an Indian chief logo, but, well, you know the baggage that comes with that these days. They wanted to change it, and after a brief flirtation with the name "Sky-Chiefs," they settled on re-interpreting "Chiefs" as "chiefs of industry," with the train symbolizing that.

Joe Leonard fields a groundout in the 7th.


The G-Braves went quietly, not doing much even when Ohlendorf gave way to Tanner Roark. With only four hits, two by the #8 hitter, it wasn't surprising they were blanked. Syracuse 5, Gwinnett 0.

Janish waves to a friend in the stands. He had a nice night, anyway. A nice series, even; he went 6 for 14 in Syracuse.


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