Quickly Recapping The Braves' 2013 Rule 4 Draft

Carlos Salazar headlined the Braves second day of drafting - Craig Kohlruss

It was a whirlwind weekend for Atlanta in the First-Year Player Draft

After taking Jason Hursh and Victor Caratini on day one of the Rule 4 draft, the Braves made 38 more picks over the rest of the weekend. Here's how the rest of the First-Year Player Draft shook out for Atlanta.

Round 1, Pick 31: Jason Hursh, RHP, Oklahoma State

Round 2, Pick 65: Victor Caratini, C, Miami Dade JC

Rounds 1 and 2 were on Thursday, and saw the Braves select Hursh and Caratini. Andrew and Bennett wrote up those picks in more depth, so please follow their links for a recap and early scouting report on Atlanta's top picks.

Round 3, Pick 102: Carlos Salazar, RHP, Kerman HS

Round 4, Pick 133: Tanner Murphy, C, Maiden HS

Round 5, Pick 163: Mikey Reynolds, SS, Texas A&M

Round 6, Pick 193: Stephen Janas, RHP, Kennesaw St.

Round 7, Pick 223: Ian Stiffler, RHP, Somerset HS

Round 8, Pick 253: Kyle Wren, OF, Georgia Tech

Round 9, Pick 283: Dylan Manwaring, 3B, Horseheads HS

Round 10, Pick 313: Ian Hagenmiller, 3B, Palm Beach Central HS

Rounds 3 through 10 worked a little bit differently this year than in previous years with the implementation of MLB's slot bonus money system. In essence, teams are given a hard cap that they have to stay under for their first ten picks. That has lead to teams drafting players they know will sign for under the slot recommendation, so that the team has more money for bonuses elsewhere (either for their top few picks or for players in rounds after 10.)

That's why some of the Braves' picks in the later rounds of the second day (6-10, more or less) may seem to be relative unknowns. For example, none of Stiffler, Manwaring, or Hagenmiller appeared on Baseball America's top prospect rankings, but 11th round selection Alec Grosser ranked 159. That's not to say that those three have no talent, but it is obvious that Atlanta looked for signability with those late-second-day picks.

We will have more in-depth scouting reports on Atlanta's second day picks later in the week.

Round 11, Pick 343: Alec Grosser, RHP, Williams HS

Round 12, Pick 373: Ryan Gunther, RHP, Charleston Southern

Round 13, Pick 403: Joseph Odom, C, Huntingdon (Ala)

Round 14, Pick 433: Tyler Kuresa, 1B, UC Santa Barbara

Round 15, Pick 463: Matt Marksberry, LHP, Campbell

Round 16, Pick 493: Michael Swanner, RHP, Pepperdine

Round 17, Pick 523: Jared Dettmann, LHP, Century (Minn.)

Round 18, Pick 553: Chuck Buchanan, LHP, Cal State Bakersfield

Round 19, Pick 583: Jordan Sechler, LHP, Cal State Los Angeles

Round 20, Pick 613: Tyler Vail, RHP, Temple (Texas) JC

Round 21, Pick 643: Tyler Brosius, RHP, Walters State (Tenn.) CC

Round 22, Pick 673: Andrew Waszak, RHP, Michigan State

Round 23, Pick 703: Connor Oliver, OF, Manatee (Fla.) JC

Round 24, Pick 733: Orrin Sears, C, Arizona Christian

Round 25, Pick 763: Reed Harper, SS, Austin Peay State

The third day saw the bulk of picks made, as Atlanta selected 30 players. The first 15 or so were upside picks, players that have some potential but will need extensive coaching. The Braves really prioritized pitching in these rounds, including a stretch of 8 pitchers in a row from rounds 15-22. Atlanta's Director of Scouting Tony DeMacio said that the Braves targeted velocity in their pitchers this year, and many of these selections showed it.

Round 26, Pick 793: Dakota Dill, RHP, Sul Ross State (Texas)

Round 27, Pick 823: Jacob Schrader, 1B, Tampa

Round 28, Pick 853: Stephen Wrenn, OF, Walton HS

Round 29, Pick 883: Tim Hergert, SS, Heritage HS

Round 30, Pick 913: Sterling Sharp, RHP, North Farmington HS

Round 31, Pick 943: Johnny Slater, OF, Southfield-Lathrup HS

Round 32, Pick 973: Jack Klein, OF, St Ignatius HS

Round 33, Pick 1003: Trevor Sprowl, 2B Shelton State (Ala.) CC

Round 34, Pick 1033: Mac Seibert, 2b, Meridian (Miss.) CC

Round 35, Pick 1063: Angel Perez, SS, Collegio San Felipe

Round 36, Pick 1093: Tyler Stubblefield, LHP, Lufkin (Texas) HS

Round 37, Pick 1123: Geoffrey Bramblett, RHP, Hoover (Ala.) HS

Round 38, Pick 1153: Jacob Heyward, OF, Eagles Christian Academy

Round 39, Pick 1183: Francisco Cruz, OF, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy

Round 40, Pick 1213: Connor Brogdom, RHP, Brentwood HS

The last rounds of the draft are always a crapshoot, and most of these players will not end up signing with the Braves. Many of these picks are "draft and follow", which means the teams will draft them and then follow their progress throughout the summer. If the team likes what they see, they'll offer the player a contract. Some late round picks are also players that are fully committed to playing baseball with a college. These picks are usually symbolic, made as signs of future interest to a player.

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