Around the NL East: Mets Sweep Subway Series, Nationals Stumbling, Domonic Brown has Hot May, Marlins Worst Team on Continent

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The Mets series sweep the Yankees for the first time in Interleague play, the Phillies and Nationals deal with injuries in varying manners, and the Marlins are simply just trying to field a team.

Know something funny and kind of sad? I've been to like 15 baseball games this season, but only twice at Turner Field. I've been to more games in other cities and towns than the ballpark that's 24 minutes from my own house. I guess this is one of those "desire to travel and explore trumps all others" kind of situations.

But as a DISH Network customer, and the Nationals series being blacked out for us foolish subscribers, it looks like if I want to watch any baseball this weekend, I'm going to have to head to the park. Thank goodness it's the sunny beautiful start to what really is pretty much summer now.

Welcome back to the basement.


Mets sweep Subway Series for the first time - NY Times
Sure, nobody needs me to remind them that it was a four game series instead of six games, but the Mets will take what they can get. And with the new format due to balanced leagues, it's going to be four games a year for a while, so they may as well enjoy their first Subway Series sweep while they can.

A little bit of history was made during it too - SBN
In game two of the Subway Series, with the Mets down 1-0, with Matt Harvey looking to be the tough-luck loser of the game as Mariano Rivera took the mound, the worst of worst case scenarios occurred: for the first time in his entire illustrious career, and over the span of over 700 save opportunities, Rivera not only blew the save, but took the loss as the Mets stunned the Yankees in the 9th. The historic part was though, it was the first time that Mariano Rivera had ever blown a save without recording a single out.

David Wright an his place among all-time greats - AA
And the guy that tagged Rivera? David Wright's single drove in Daniel Murphy leading to the blown save. The guys at AA want to justify that he could be on his way of becoming one of the game's all-time greatest players.

Something else David Wright leads the NL East in - NY Daily News
Hey, don't shoot the messenger, a "reputable publication" like the Daily News printed it, not me. But according to a poll of 11,000 cougars, David Wright's name appears at the top of the list of "most appealing cubs," and no, we're not talking about the team from Chicago, although Anthony Rizzo's name makes the top ten. Wright beats Cole Hamels and Bryce Harper in the top ten, and it's noted that no member of the Braves or Marlins cracked the list.

Jonathon Niese to miss start due to shoulder tendinitis - NY Post
When the topic of Zack Wheeler came up due to the fact that his and Niese's pitching schedules lined up well, Terry Collins shot it down pretty quickly. Taking Niese's place is blogging pitcher, Collin McHugh. Naturally, like most baseball player bloggers, McHugh's has gone abandoned since called up, and goes into the pile of useless player personal websites.

Frank Francisco moved to the 60-day DL - MetsBlog
It's funny when I look back to when Frank Francisco was signed by the Mets, he was the only reliever in that particular year's Mets reliever bonanza that got anything above a one-year deal. Yet, his body is apparently demanding that he treats it like a one-year deal as this 60-day DL stint is going to essentially really inhibit him throwing any actual pitches for the Mets at all this year.

Ruben Tejada goes on DL with convenient quad strain - AA
I say "convenient" because Ruben Tejada was a sliver away from getting sent down to AAA due to poor play. Kind of reminds me of when Oliver Perez was on the cusp of getting demoted a few years ago, but then "conveniently" got hurt, preventing the demotion altogether.

Ike Davis too - MetsBlog
But Ike has prolonged his demotion the old fashioned way - by suddenly managing to start hitting the ball, including the unfortunate hit off of Craig Kimbrel, as well as a few hits during the Subway Series.


Ryan Zimmerman has a three homer game; Nats still lose however - Nats Enquirer
This really was one of those "misery loves company" games, because while Ryan Zimmerman was going nuts on the Orioles' pitching, the Braves were getting shutout by a parade of Blue Jays relievers. Unfortunately for the Nationals, and fortunately for Braves fans, things went sour when the O's hung seven unanswered runs on the Nats and ended up winning the game, but lost in the shuffle was Zim's big night.

Bryce Harper and Manny Machado humblebrag on each other - The Bog
He's often lost in the mix over the hype machine that Bryce Harper is, but Manny Machado is just three months older than Bryce Harper which means that as of right now, he too is just 20 years old, and plays for the O's, up I-95 from Washington D.C. The two are good friends from their developmental times, and took some time to tell WaPo readership of how great the other is at baseball.

Bryce Harper has bursitis in his knee, questionable for weekend - MASN
Among the things hurt with his collision with the outfield wall in Los Angeles, the one that is physically affecting him the most at the moment is actually his knee, which kind of went overlooked with thoughts of concussion or the bleeding chin. But he has developed bursitis in his left knee, and is actually questionable for all of the games against the Braves this weekend.

Ross Detwiler put on DL with sore oblique - Nationals Journal
It's retroactive back to May 15, but he is expected to miss a second start, which would have put him against the Braves on Sunday.

Pitching prospect Nathan Karns called up to replace Detwiler - MASN
His first Major League start went about as well as any guy pitching in his first big league game, surrendering three runs over 4.1 innings against the O's, but throughout his minor league career, he's a guy that has averaged a 10+ K/9 rate, as well as a gradually improving K/BB of almost 3. We'll see him pitching against the Braves, on Sunday.

The Nationals' walking wounded - Nationals Journal
Jayson Werth has been in the minor leagues playing through rehab starts, while Wilson Ramos' status is way worse, with him still expected to miss six weeks, due to a setback in his latest hamstring problems. But the most telling news has to be maligned second-baseman, Danny Espinosa, who apparently has a fracture in his wrist; and is voluntarily playing through it. The best thing to happen to Espinosa this weekend, is if he manages to catch a few seconds with Jordan Schafer, to discuss just how bad of an idea playing with bum wrists actually are.

Jordan Zimmermann's contract extension case - Nationals Journal
Despite the meltdown in Baltimore, Jordan Zimmermann has still been the Nationals' most reliable pitcher this season. Following in the trend of locking up young and talented pitchers, the Nationals are most definitely interested in trying to secure the services of Zimmermann for the long haul, but he is not really interested in being team-friendly, and wants to be getting "a fair deal."


Chase Utley will take his recovery slow - Phillies Zone
As two of the larger threats within the division continue to be ravaged by injuries, it's an interesting observance to see how both teams' players are dealing with aches and pains. It also doesn't help that most of the Phillies current lineup is about as old as Noah's Ark, but for what it's worth, Chase Utley is taking the route of rest and recovery, in lieu of trying to play hurt.

Ryan Howard on the other hand - Phillies Zone
Is it a sense of obligation? Is it because he's making $20M this season? Or do the Phillies simply have little other choice? Either way, Ryan Howard's gimp knee is bothering him, and he's in constant pain, but he's still trudging out onto the field as often as he can.

Michael Young placed on bereavement list - High Cheese
No details are known to why this is the case, but it's the bereavement list, so you know they're not good ones.

Domonic Brown is having an excellent May - Phillies Zone
Is the real Domonic Brown emerging, or did the same old Domonic Brown just have a good month? Either way, with nine homers in the month of May, Brown becomes the first Phillie to crank out nine or more homers since Ryan Howard did it last, almost four years ago. And because it's Domonic Brown, and people can't seem to stop criticizing him no matter what he does, it's duelly noted that he hasn't taken a single walk in this stretch. FRANCOEUR'D

Shane Victorino receives rousing ovation in return to Citizens Bank Park - Crossing Broad
Is it just me, or does it seem like Philly has gotten a little soft here? Standing is one thing, but a standing ovation? Of cheering? I know he was loved and all, but still he could have come back to Philadelphia, but yeah, I know I'm stretching here, and there's the whole money thing, but still. I guess I was expecting to not have seen such a warm reception for a former player.

Dennys Reyes has solid outing in minor league sta-wait, that's Carlos Zambrano? - Phillies Nation
A year ago, Carlos Zambrano talked about being ITBSOHL from running on the Dominican beaches all off-season. Well, it certainly doesn't look like he's doing much running, except to maybe the fridge and back to the couch, based on how he's straining the seams of that minor league jersey.


When you put it in that kind of perspective - Fish Bytes
The Marlins aren't just the worst team in Major League Baseball, their record measures as being worse than any team in the minor leagues, as well as, get this, the Mexican League. So they're the worst team on the entire continent. All based on winning percentage, but funny regardless.

Marlins promote prospect Jacob Turner to "major league" squad - Fish Stripes
The 22-year old pitcher wasn't exactly lighting up AAA, but really more out of necessity, the Marlins have called him up. The Fish are hoping for absolutely anything to spark this team, at this point.

Giancarlo Stanton "backing off" on rehab, then is seen running - Fish Bytes
I have to imagine that rehabilitation exercises when it comes to rehabbing a hamstring usually consist of leg presses and curls of varying varieties. Citing sore knees, Giancarlo backed off on his rehabilitation, but then was spotting jogging around while in Tampa Bay; it should also be noted that the artificial turf out there has a reputation for being hell on players legs that aren't used to traversing artificial turf on a regular basis.

Chris Coghlan: resurgance or hot streak? - Fish Stripes
The former 2009 NL Rookie of the Year has had a good May, but is it reason to believe that he's rediscovering his talent after several injury-marred seasons since his ROY season, or is it just a hot streak that shouldn't be given too much credence?

Alex Sanabia headed to DL for sucking groin injury - Fish Bytes
There's no details to when it might have happened, so it's safe to assume it's the phantom injury made up to cover for the fact that Alex Sanabia isn't very good at baseball, and uses spitballs.

Logan Morrison continues his rehab path - Palm Beach Post
Despite the fact that he's doing pretty poorly against low-level competition, the Marlins simply need warm bodies up at the major league level, and ready or not, Logan Morrison is probably going to play all 20 rehab games, and be back up with the Fish in June, barring any setbacks.

You know you're the Marlins when you're covering guys like Ed Lucas - Sun Sentinel
No offense to the former Braves farmhand (2011), but when the only notable thing about Ed Lucas is the fact that he went to an Ivy League school (Dartmouth) and is marginally good enough to play baseball professionally.

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