Around the NL East: Giancarlo to DL, Nationals Dealing with Nagging Pains, Terry Collins Nearing Hot Seat, Delmon Young Returns

Kevin C. Cox

Seriously, with Giancarlo out of the lineup, I think we can all legitimately make claims that the Marlins are no better than most organizations' Triple-A or even Double-A affiliates.

Welcome back to the basement.


Giancarlo Stanton put on DL with hamstring strain - Miami Herald
And not just any hamstring strain, but a Grade-2; as in that much more severe. The initial prognosis: out for a month.

Which kind of sucks considering he finally hit his first homer of the season - MLB
And it was a mammoth monster of a shot, clearing the scoreboard in left field. It was purportedly reported to be the longest home run in new Marlins Park history.

Wait just a moment, the nerds object - Sun Sentinel
tl;dr - It's not the longest home run in Marlins Park history. That distinction belongs to of all people, Juan Francisco, when he crushed a homer off of Alex Sanabia earlier this season.

MATT DIAZ - Fish Bytes

Joe Mahoney put on DL with hamstring injury as well - Palm Beach Post
No Giancarlo, and now they lost their only actual first baseman, again, this time with a hamstring injury. Words really can't describe just how decimated the Marlins roster is this season, really.

Juan Pierre notches 600th career stolen base - Palm Beach Post
It puts him 14th on the all-time stolen base leaders. Here's an interesting thing though; it took Juan Pierre 1,907 games to get 600 steals. The all-time leader, Rickey Henderson, did it in almost one thousand fewer games, at 971.


Tim Hudson 1, Bryce Harper 0 - Deadspin
Consider the source, but it's hard to resist a good old fashioned link where it's just talking about something Braves > Nationals related.

And apparently Bryce Harper hurt himself on the assist - Nats Insider
I'm going to assume that when the opportunity presented itself, somewhere in Bryce Harper's mind, he was thinking about how he had the chance to make his own Mike Trout-like iconic home-run robbing catch. But instead, he assists the ball into going over the wall, and hurts his left side in the process, forcing him to come out of Wednesday's game.

Davey Johnson 1, Davey Johnson 200 - The Bog
On June 13, 1999, Davey Johnson watched some kid named Tim Hudson carve up his LA Dodgers for seven innings en route to leading the Oakland A's to a victory and notching his first career win as a major leaguer. 14 years later, Davey Johnson sits in the opposing dugout again as Tim Hudson spins seven innings to beat his Nationals and put up career win #200.

Jayson Werth addled with gimpy ankle, hamstring - Nationals Journal
On Tuesday night, most of us probably remember seeing Jayson Werth fouling a ball off his ankle, and him taking a nap in the batter's box for a little while before striking out to Eric O'Flaherty. Well, prior to that, Werth was suffering from some cramping in his hamstring that he was just playing through, but it's all come a boil, and he had to sit out on Wednesday as a result. How long will his hurt legs affect him?

Stephen Strasburg also suspect, claims to be ready for next start - Nats Insider
Although the Braves have always given Strasburg trouble, most of us probably recall the odd way Strasburg was flying open, falling off the mound, and clearly had no control over the strike zone on Monday night. Forearm tightness and soreness was the diagnosis afterward, which is never a good thing when it pertains to a pitcher, but after a bullpen session on Wednesday, he claims that everything is okay, and that he'll make his next start against the Pirates.

Nationals trainers help revive collapsed cameraman - Nationals Journal
It's great news for the Nationals training crew that they were able to buy some time for a MLBN camera operator who had apparently suffered a heart attack, but unfortunately, he succumbed later on in the hospital.

Danny Espinosa slumping. Again. - MASN
When I take a few steps back, and look at the Nationals from a little bit further of a distance, it always seems like Danny Espinosa is always under fire. And the more I think about it the more Espinosa reminds me of Jeff Francoeur; from the hot, homer-filled start, the strikeout-filled period after the honeymoon, constant criticism from the fans and media, the kind of tense reactions to getting benched. If I'm a Nationals fan, I'm kind of hoping he's traded this season before anyone else could come up with this comparison and replace him with Anthony Rendon.

Roy Halladay should maybe take notes from Dan Haren - Nats Enquirer

I'm not gonna care about velocity anymore. I'm sick of that.

It just gives me problems. I'm just gonna be myself out there. Whether its 88 or 85 I don't really care. I know I can get people out.

Nah, it's all good. I get it. Adam LaRoche, going through one of his typical slow first halves, while in Atlanta reaches out to an old friend to come down and give him some pointers. His hunting buddy and former teammate, some guy named "Chipper Jones" and Roachy sat down to watch some video of his swings to see if anything could be corrected. Naturally, after this formality and probably more time talking about hunting bucks, Roachy goes out and collects two hits immediately.

Henry Rodriguez almost hits his own head with his own wild pitch - Nats Enquirer
You know what they called Blaine Boyer in Rome? "Backstop" Boyer, because get it, he was wild. But I don't think even Boyer uncorked a pitch so wild that it ricocheted off of the backstop, almost to hit him in the head, 75 feet away. Against Corky Miller, no less.

How do Nats fans combat the wave? - The Bog
Oh, you know - escalating tempers, threats of violence, and people getting ejected from the park.

The cool kids like the wave, though - The Bog
Bryce Harper and Ian Desmond don't have a problem with the wave. The guy who started the whole movement, Ryan Mattheus is forced to do some backpedaling. lols all around up in D.C.


Matt Harvey wins NL Pitcher of the Month for April - MetsBlog
This really isn't a surprise; he only went 4-0, while punching out 46 guys in 40.1 innings, with an ERA of 1.56. This also continues a streak of a pitcher from the NL East winning every single PoM that started in August 2011; in fact, since June of 2010, there has been only one pitcher outside of the NL East to win PoM, which was Clayton Kershaw in July 2011.

Terry Collins' job appears to be getting a little on the warm side - MetsBlog
If there's anything I've learned about the perception of New York media for baseball managers, once your name shows up in the papers under fire, it's really become a condemning ticking downward until they're eventually gone. I mean if even Joe Torre couldn't prevail in the long run, then Terry Collins is pretty much screwed.

Naturally it coincides with losing heartbreaker games to the Marlins - AA
If you've been keeping count of what our division rivals have done lately, the Mets lost three straight to the Phillies, and 2/3 to the Marlins, including a heartbreaking 15-inning game in which the Mets blew two save chances before losing.

Blowing two straight games to the Marlins is clearly enough to "piss off" Terry Collins - NY Daily News
Ouch, two straight games in which the Mets blew saves to the Marlins, yeah that sounds about right, enough to piss most people off too.

Especially Bobby Parnell who wasn't used in the second game - NY Post
How much does it have to suck to be Terry Collins when the likes of Bobby Parnell get to be angry with you, and justifiably so? Parnell was a little bit cheesed that Collins didn't give him the ball on Tuesday, despite the fact that he blew the save on Monday, and got to watch Brandon Lyon blow it instead. But at least he recovers in his next appearance and actually locks down a save.

It doesn't help by making umbrella statements - MetsBlog
According to Collins, the Mets' bullpen is sucking because the starting pitching is sucking and overexposing the bullpen. I would fathom that Matt Harvey who pitched 40.1 effective innings in April might have some objection to that statement, but who cares, he's a silly rook anyway.

Speaking of Matt Harvey, he threw 121 pitches in his last start - MetsBlog
Ironically, this was not far removed from where Terry Collins admitted having regrets in letting Johan Santana throw 134 pitches in his no-hitter.

Better hope he stays healthy, because he's great for Mets ratings - NY Daily News
In a little way, Matt Harvey has captured a little bit of that allure that made Pedro Martinez Day a legitimate occasion every five days in Boston, and the way Dwight Gooden captured the imaginations of baseball fans in his heyday. The proof is in the ratings for the SNY network, which reveals that on Matt Harvey starts, viewership increases 14% than the norm.

How much longer can the Mets afford to keep playing Ike Davis? - AA
Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to come out and say that he was completely healthy from Valley Fever, because when he stunk last year, at least he had an excuse.

Why not just stick Jordany Valdespin at first? - NY Times
Jordany Valdespin has two home runs this year, both of them off the bench, and both of them for a ton of runs. The first one was a grand slam off the bench, and earlier this week, his second one plated three. Sure, exposing him to a starter's time might dilute his effectiveness, but with Ike Davis stinking it up, why couldn't it be worth a shot?


Delmon Young activated from DL, hold on to your butts!

...ironically, Delmon's first AB, while DHing in Cleveland was a home run. Figures!

That's not necessarily a flattering comparison there - Phillies Nation
But the numbers don't lie, and it's a harsh reality of who Roy Halladay is suddenly turning into at this point in his career - Joe Blanton.

And people love to criticize the Braves for being racist - Deadspin
Sure, the Indians destroyed the Phillies by cranking out seven homers in a game, with three of them coming off of Halladay, but come on now, no need to print out such large-font hatred!

How the worst outfield in the majors was "built" - High Cheese
All across basements in the world are people arguing over free agents and players that their respective favorite teams should go out and acquire. One of the more popular rebuttals in argument is to simply pass on certain things; one team that was particularly good at passing on available players was the Phillies, who were apparently convinced that their voids could be filled internally, or through minor leaguers. This article is a list of names and their numbers that the Phillies could have pursued at some point over the last three years, instead of fielding their current three.

Jim Thome apparently still wants to come back - Phillies Zone
The always lovable Jim Thome is 42 years old, but is still training in Arizona currently, with hopes that he can be a mid-season acquisition for someone out there, who would be looking for either a DH or a reliable bat off the bench. And according to Charlie Manuel, Thome still thinks he can play.

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