Braves Banter

It has only been a few games, but there are a few observations that I have based on the season so far:

1). Justin Upton just might be the best player on this team.

Justin Upton has the potential to make a run at MVP this season, but that is no slight to Freeman and Heyward. Justin is just that phenomenal so far on defense and offense. He has made timely hits with people on base and seems to have the command at the plate against any pitcher in the league.

2). Breakout season for Freddie Freeman?

Freeman has often been overlooked on this team because of the other players who get so much attention. Freeman has started out hot and has flourished in high pressure situations. The fact he is still young means there is room for improvement, meaning this season we just might see Freeman hit 30 home runs this season.

3). BJ Upton struggling to make contact.

BJ Upton has struck out in 9 out of 14 at Bats and has yet to get a base hit. We knew BJ Upton's Batting average has not been that great over his career, but one would think he would have at least gotten a base hit by now. He is a good center fielder defensively, but his offense just might put him lower in the batting order if it does not improve.

4). Evan Gattis proving he belongs.

Gattis debuted in style with a Home Run in his first game. Gattis is not the greatest defensively at Catcher, but will improve as time goes on. His offense has made it nearly impossible for the Braves to put him on the bench. If his great hitting continues it will be hard for Fredi to justify batting him 8th in the lineup. Also a future problem is how this effects the future of Brian McCann. If Gattis keeps up the great play it may be in the Braves best interests financially to let McCann go. Because Gattis is playin well the Braves will be sure to wait until McCann is 100% until he returns. Look for Gattis to DH when playing inter league games.

Comment with observations you have made on the season so far and what has surprised or disappointed you so far.

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