Braves Off-Day Questions "Answered"

Kevin C. Cox

A lot of fans have questions about the Braves. Sometimes there are answers.

A new semi-regular feature on the site will be for Atlanta Braves fans to ask me their questions... and then I answer them. Why me? Why not. 50 percent of the time I seem to know what I'm talking about 100 percent of the time. That last sentence was not one of them. Anyhoo, make sure you follow me @gondeee to know when I send out the call for questions. Here are today's:

@RobUsry asks, "Will the Braves lose a game this year?"
Answer: Yes, but fewer than most other teams.

@_plibt asks, "what's the deal with that freeman/uggla hr hug?"
Answer: Men can hug. When millions of dollars you make to play a game, hug who you want you can. /Yoda

@joshthrailkill asks, "where do you think McCann bats in the order when he comes back?"
Answer: After BJ, and before Uggla. Fredi loves to go lefty-righty throughout the lineup.

@hgopal10 asks, "Made a bet that the braves OF would hit 90 HRs and 300 RBIs and have less than 150Ks--should I go ahead and buy the guy his drinks?"
Answer: With that kind of betting acumen, why don't you just go ahead and buy the whole bar a round to cover any future bets you might place.

@RobbySpurlin asks, "What's the chances Gattis remains the backup catcher after Mac returns?"
Answer: Let's see how he does for the next three to four weeks before we answer that question with any degree of certainty. If Gattis hits like he did this spring, then the team will find a place for him on the 25-man roster. In that scenario where it looks like he might be the heir-apparent to McCann, I would be interested to watch how much McCann takes him under his wing and ushers him in as his replacement.

@CoryBeckman asks, "How many cc's is Fredi's Harley?"
Answer: Please refer all questions regarding F. Gonzalez to his main man and best bruh @DOBoner.

@kevinellis10 asks, "are the braves going to join all the other teams who currently are handing out extensions to their young players?"
Answer: Some comments from the beat writers earlier this spring seemed to indicate that the Braves were trying to lock up some of their young guys, but that there may not have been as much mutual interest as they would have liked. It takes two to tango.

@joeseroski asks, "Do you think they will stick with the 3B platoon all season?"
Answer: As long as it's working, sure. If one guy starts to do better than the other, then they'll get more of the playing time. Chris Johnson made a great play on an infield dribbler last night. If he can continue to improve his defense, and hit like he did this spring, then he could make the Justin Upton trade look even more amazing.

@Sno_ak asks, "do you think McCann gets dealt in any scenario if Gattis performs above and beyond and they view him as the future?"
Answer: No, I don't think that will happen. That doesn't mean it won't, but I just don't see the team doing that.

@aplaceforfacts asks, "Is Matt Lipka a bust? What type of players do the Braves need to go after in the draft this year?"
Answer: He turns 21 on tax day, and still has a couple more years to prove himself. He's not the talent that many thought the Braves were getting on draft day in 2010, but even then we knew there was a lot of projection involved in that pick. He needs to show us he can do at least one thing really good, so far he hasn't.

@Jdaffner11 asks, "Do you think Hudson is a potential HOFer?"
Answer: No. He's in that bubble of starting pitchers that consists of David Cone and Roy Halladay. If Huddy can pitch effectively for a few more years he can probably enter into the conversation that will include a new class of pitcher like Andy Pettitte and Mike Mussina, where wins don't tell the whole story. His chances are helped by advanced stats, and not simply by achieving round-numbered milestones.

@DC75x asks, "What's the weakest link you see on this years team? How could we fix it? In house or trade?"
Answer: The bench. There's only one veteran guy in Reed Johnson, and there are a lot of swing-and-miss guys on the bench. That's usually an easy place to upgrade at the trade deadline. By then you'll know who to jettison and who to keep.

@Bravesmeme asks, "do you like the "Always Brave" phrase for this year?"
Answer: I have concocted a conspiracy theory that the brand infringement settlement between the Braves and Disney over the Disney film "Brave," somehow resulted in a secret pact for cross-promotional opportunities. Either that or the Braves just want to rub Disney's nose in it. If that's the case, then YES, I like it.


Thanks for your questions, twas fun. We'll do this again on an off-day.

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