Tomahawk Chops: The Braves are really good


Two weeks in and the Braves are the best team in baseball. The scary part is they haven't reached their ceiling yet.

Two weeks into the season, the Braves are 11-1. It's their best start since 1994.

Their lone loss came against Cliff Lee by a score of 2-0 on a night that it was raining and 40 degrees. They have wins against Cole Hamels, Roy Halladay, Jeff Samardzija, Stephen Strasburg and Gio Gonzalez, amongst others. They just swept the Nationals at home, who hadn't lost in their ballpark prior to Friday night.

The Braves have outscored their opponents 62-23. Their team ERA is now 1.82. They're averaging more than five runs a game, and they've done it against at least five pitchers that could be headed to the All-Star Game.

And while they have the best record in baseball, it's scary to think the club's ceiling could still be higher.

Before Sunday, B.J. Upton and Jason Heyward had given the team very little offensively. Freddie Freeman started off the year well, but he only appeared in a handful of games before hitting the DL. Brian McCann, even if not his old self, will provide at least a little something from the left side of the plate once he returns in a few weeks. Brandon Beachy and Jonny Venters will only make a strong pitching staff that much better once they're healthy.

Are the Braves going to go 149-13 the rest of the way? Of course not. Every team is going to hit a rough stretch or two over the course of the long season. There's no doubt this team is built to last though, and the early money is on this being a special year in Atlanta.


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