Official MLB 13: The Show Thread

This is the official thread for everything about MLB 13: The Show. The Show is coming back with a vengeance, with over 50 visual improvements and enhancements. This post is a countdown to The Show's release date of March 5th, and to discuss the many interesing quarks and improvements. Here we go:

Improvments in MLB 13: The Show

"The Postseason" Mode: The Show now allows users to go straight into the playoffs, setting all the teams you would love to see, and it includes the Wild Card game. It will definitely be something I look forward to doing when I get the game. You can play with one team, or all 10. You can set the Division Series, Championship Series, and World Series to varying lengths.

Cross Platform Online Home Run Derby: You can now be matched with other users into one Home Run Derby, regardless of whether your logged into a PS3 or PS Vita.

Beginner Mode: Possibly the biggest improvement, Beginner Mode solves the problem that many players complain about: sucking at hitting. In an effort to make The Show more accessible and to help users learn the fundamentals of the game Beginner Mode has been added. No matter the age or skill level, the new Beginner Mode offering allows the user the opportunity to succeed when playing The Show. Beginner mode uses an advanced, adaptive AI system that dynamically updates your skill level on the fly. It starts out on the easiest of levels and only advances as the user improves.

New Push/Pull Hitting Trajectories Engine: New to MLB 13 The Show is our Push/Pull hitting trajectory tendencies engine. When you hit select during the pitcher-batter matchup, the in-game screen it will show you if the current hitter is Extreme Pull, Pull Hitter, Balanced, Opposite field Hitter, or an Extreme Opposite field hitter. Both A.I. and human hitters will hit more balls to their preferred side according to this attribute. This data is derived from real yearly spray charts provided to us by Despite this shift, very late and very early timing remains unchanged. Rather, within good timing, a larger chunk of the timing window is considered early for pull hitters. This means if you swing too early on a changeup, your timing won’t change at all. But if you get good timing on a pitch, it will be biased towards the hitters preferred zone. You will also now see more defensive shifts when Push and Pull hitters are at the plate.

The Show Live: The one I am most looking forward to. The Show Live provides an exhibition-based mode using data from to populate daily match-ups, line-ups and starting pitchers, giving users the opportunity to play in an environment that matches the "real-world." The Show Live presents games in the same way as season-based modes, with up-to-date player and team statistics. Hear commentators reference the previous or next day’s events, based on real-world situations and information. Users have the choice to play a game from today, or turn the calendar back and play any game from earlier in the season. The Show Live brings users closer to Major League Baseball action than ever before!

TruBroadcast Presentations 2.0: True Broadcast Presentations 2.0 continues to blur the line between reality and The Show. This year focuses on further refinement of game continuity through the restructuring of thousands of presentations but also a heavy emphasis on taking stadium ambiance and big game atmosphere to a new level. The addition of new scenes, new cameras, new OSDs, new music and new audio allows MLB 13 The Show to take a huge step forward in the twofold approach of truly immersing the user in the moment during the pre-game while satisfyingly rewarding the user once the final pitch is thrown. Now more than ever the user will feel the difference between Opening Day, the Regular Season, the All-Star Game and the Postseason, and increasingly strive for a taste of the new Postseason celebrations.

Button Accuracy Meter: Users will now have more control over the fielding aspects of the game than ever before. For users who choose the new button accuracy meter they will now have complete control over the fielders arm accuracy and arm strength. No longer will an errant throw be the result of a random dice roll.

Steve Lyons replaces Dave Campbell: Joining the The Show’s Broadcast team for MLB 13 is MLB veteran Steve Lyons. Steve started his Broadcasting Career with Fox in 1996, and has called several Division & League Championship series with the network. Steve currently does Color Commentary for the LA Dodgers.

Twitter in The Show: EXCLUSIVE!! This year we’ve added the ability to check out player Tweets from within the game. All approved and official Twitter handles of MLB Players will be shown in MLB 13 The Show. Player Tweets will be updated on the fly and in real-time! And as always, the weekly Live Roster will be available each Monday. Through Weekly Live Roster updates, Twitter handles will be updated throughout the 2013 MLB season.

The Braves in MLB 13: The Show

The Braves' team ratings in Overall, Pitching, Defense, and Batting are out (all out of 30 teams). The Braves are 8th overall, 12th in batting, 3rd in pitching, and 7th in defense.

The Braves' individual player ratings are out. Here are the images for the position players and the pitchers:



Now let's move on to some gameplay video for the Braves. First off is some Postseason gameplay between the Braves and the Nationals:

Now, the Braves and Rockies:

The Braves and Padres:

All of this information came from and

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