Impications of the Implications - Questions concerning PEDs

As the investigations of players involved with Biogenesis continue, my brain began storming out some of the implications. In the process I hit obvious limits based on my knowledge of the game, the depth of my research (and research skills) concerning PED cases, the isolation of my logic and the seclusion of my opinions. I am surprised we haven't seen a featured post about it on Talking Chop. Perhaps Gondee is waiting, intelligently, for more and more reliable information before he proceeds with commentary. As fans though, there's no reason not to share considerations and speculations. I'm just going to list some of the questions I have right now--assume every one starts with the statement "based on what we know now." Some of them will be followed by further questions and angles through which I've started to consider them.

1) What are the chances that this could lead to the suspension of a lot of players?

2) When might this suspension occur?

3) Do any of these players have enough testosterone left in their balls to keep juicing? If not, what are the chances we see a huge number of them drop off the table until (and even after) the investigation is complete. Is there an advantage, for this reason, of the MLB to prolong the investigations, terrifying the players away from continued use, watching their numbers drop and holding that against them? If they fail to actually catch them in this event, whether they were actually using or not, can the players use this hypothetical drop in performance to sue the MLB (some sort of statement along the lines of, "we weren't using, our numbers dropped, it was because of the investigation, etc.").

4) If these guys get suspended mid season, what is the trade market going to be like this summer?

5) Does this whole situation lead to increased value for Bourn?

6) Any chance Boras was aware of the pending catastrophe? (I imagine him with his own secret agents and knowledge of the Dark Side).

7) How would such a scandal influence baseball regulations? Stricter testing? Stricter punishments?

8) How would such a scandal influence baseball fandomonium?

9a) How could this scandal influence other sports?

9b) How are other sports influencing this situation? (Looking at you Lance Armstrong)

10) Does anyone doubt at all whether or not these guys are juicing, is it just a question of proof and legal battle?

11) Is it worse for baseball if they get away with it?

12) Have the Braves foreseen this? How advantageous might it turn out for us to have pursued youth and athleticism before this potential collapse of aging artificial power?

13) Have other teams like the Yankees and Red Sox foreseen this, and so avoided their usual acquisitions of FA's this off season to wait for the fog to settle? Obviously there are other stated and purposeful reasons that they have done so, but having one reason doesn't disclude having another.

14) If there were a non-PED using award, would the Braves win it? Do we deserve reparations for all the winning we did in the 90s while losing to teams in the playoffs full of users? I obviously only mean these questions with bitter jest, but are the Braves about to get a lot better in a new baseball environment that kicks the juice?

15) In the 90s and early 2000s I remember a common interest in PEDs, the wild improvement of human specimines and the obsession of record breaking - did this reflect an era of western psyche? Does the common interest in eradicating all these unfair advantages reflect a new era in the collective (and over-generalized) psyche? Are there parallels in the ways we have come to feel about big business and politics? Basically, are the investigations into PED use in Baseball and Cycling part of something far bigger going on?

16) What other questions does this inspire for yall?

Please, answer the questions that you care about most. Obviously not all of them will be of interest to everyone, and many of you will have other questions and angles I haven't considered. I am looking forward to a rich conversation, and a combination of logic, facts and opinions to compare and inform my own. Let's keep it impersonal the best we can. The strongest sentiment I have in this whole mess is that the Braves way of baseball might be much more advantaged in the coming years.

The Gadfly of Talking Chop,


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