Braves Pitcher Tim Hudson Isn't Happy With PED Usage

Kevin C. Cox

Huddy didn't pull any punches when recently talking about the usage of performance enhancing drugs in baseball.

Tim Hudson is one of the more respected players around Major League Baseball. With the recent news of Alex Rodriguez, Gio Gonzalez and other MLB stars being linked to performance enhancing drugs (again), Hudson had some things to say in a recent radio segment on MLB Network Radio.

"Well, I'm going to be honest with you, I'm pretty sick of hearing about it. I'm pretty sick of people still trying to cheat the system and trying to get an unfair advantage. I think the penalties can be stiffer. I'm ready for it to be over and done with and whatever the penalties are to keep people from doing it.

If it's the first time you fail something you're suspended for that year, then so be it. You shouldn't have been stupid enough to try it. Honestly, I don't see how in the world somebody is brave enough to even try to do anything right now because, honestly, I think our testing system is pretty often and it's pretty strict. I don't see how somebody would do it. I'd be a nervous wreck. I wouldn't be able to concentrate on playing the game of baseball if I knew I was cheating, knowing that at any moment those drug testers are gonna walk in that locker room and you might be on that list to go take a leak in the cup.

I'm really tired of hearing about it. And every time these names start popping up I'm just like, ‘What an idiot.' That's the first thing to comes to my mind is ‘What an idiot."

It's tough to really disagree with Huddy here. Players don't even miss one-third of the regular season if they're caught cheating. If you're hurt, trying to resurrect your career or trying to bust out of a long slump, a 50-game suspension hardly seems like a big enough risk to use PEDs, which are proven to improve athletic performance. Just ask formerly-fat-and-awful Melky Cabrera.

What do you think of stricter penalties in MLB? Baseball has clearly made strides in the right direction the past couple of years, but the latest PED allegations really are frustrating to hear about.

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