Rosterbation or How to trade Uggla and BJ Upton

I've been a loyal Braves fan since 1982, thanks in part to TBS. Lots of good times, some bad times too. What I call problems (or mistakes) may not seem that way to others, this is just my humble opinion.


  1. Dan Uggla
  2. BJ Upton
  1. Trade Uggla and Kimbrel to Detroit for Nick Castellanos.
  2. Trade BJ Upton (and if needed a prospect too) to Texas for Ian Kinsler.
  1. Kimbrel's trade value will never be as high as it's now. Not a popular move among Braves fans and one I would never make if circumstances were different but there's always a price to pay. The Braves have several options to close games. Detroit needs a 2nd baseman. They also need a closer badly and getting the best one in the game might be just enough for them to take on 2 years of Uggla. Ideally Detroit would take all of Uggla's remaining salary, if not then at least half but they would have to add another prospect to the deal.
  2. This is as close to fantasy as it gets. Texas needs an outfielder and they would like to get rid of one of these infielders: Elvis Andrus, J Profar or Ian Kinsler. Out of the 3, Kinsler makes the most sense for them to trade. Andrus contract is too big and Profar is under control for a long time.
    If the Braves decide to stay with CJ at 3rd, then Castellanos could go to LF, Justin back to his natural RF and Heyward to CF. I don't like the idea of moving Heyward to CF but it would be only for 2 years, assuming Justin will be gone once his contract is over. If for whatever reason we need to replace CJ, then we could move back Castellanos to his natural position, 3rd base.

  • So trade Uggla and BJ, sadly lose Kimbrel, get Kinsler and Castellanos.
  • Potentially save Uggla's remaining salary and the next 2 years of Kimbrel's.
  • BJ is owed approx $60 million thru 2017 and Kinsler approx $57 million with a $12 million team option or $5 million buyout for 2018. Their contracts pretty much cancel each other out.
  • Nick Castellanos won't be a free agent until 2020.
Thanks for reading.

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