Counterpoint: Mr. Sanchez is insightful and wise, and I emit the foul and unpleasant odor of wrongness.

To wit,

In a single lapse of judgement spanning his long history of not being wrong, a condition with which I am wholly unfamiliar, Mr. Sanchez erroneously appointed himself the loser of a bet involving the combined performances of the 3B of the Atlanta Braves and Justin Upton during the 2013 season. The fact that this lone instance of wrongitude occurred as a result of gracious deference is fitting, as it is only possible to imagine a deviation from his unblemished record of unwrongfulness in a way that befits his unmistakably noble and humble demeanor. This is clearly unmistakable, for if it were mistakable, I surely would have mistaken it because of my innate wrongful nature.

The far more believable outcome, that I am the loser in a bet regarding knowledge of future events, is in fact true and not surprising in the least. What may be surprising, however, is that one would enter such a wager against an entity as vastly prescient as Mr. Sanchez. Alas, it is the very wrongness that plagues my daily life which allowed me to enter such a foolish arrangement. The only doubt I have in my current wrongiency is that I believe it to be so.

And so, as an insignificant penalty befitting my meager ability but not the magnitude of my wrongevity, I include this extremely abbreviated list of wrongly events perpetrated by me, someguy1, as well as a myriad of spelling and grammatical mistakes contained within, for your personal amusement and to illustrate my complete and total inferiority to Mr. Sanchez in all matters.

Over/under on Andrelton Simmons [HR in 2013]?

I say 1.5

No, that period wasn't a typo. I meant that. I was wrong by more than an order of magnitude on a scale that only covers two orders of magnitude.

I don’t think Uggla will get $13M after his current contract, but probably at least $8M/yr and probably for another 3-4.

I thought that in the future, someone would agree to pay Uggla $25M to play baseball. It's now more likely that someone will pay him $25M to not play baseball. Can't get more wrong than that.

Can I propose terms for a bet? (swainzy)

[more than] 7 WAR - Mr. Sanchez writes a fanpost about how MLB GMs actually know what they are doing and that FW knows more than us basement-dwelling pundits.

[less than] 7 WAR - someguy1 writes a fanpost about how getting carried away with hype can lead to poor judgement

Yes, even in my attempt to fulfill this agreement, I wrote about the wrong topic.

I hope that these examples have adequately illustrated what is more than plainly obvious - that I am unsurpassed in my lack of foresight, and emit the foul and unpleasant odor of wrongness.

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