My off season plan

I know we already have a rosterbation post up but this is to long to put into the comments. I also realize that some of you think that its to early to start looking at the off season but I guarentee the FO is, so why can't we.

C. Evan Gattis $.5M

1B. Freddie Freeman $3.5M

2B. Tommy La Stella $.5M

3B. Chris Johnson $5.6M

SS. Andrelton Simmons $.5M

LF. Justin Upton $14.25M

CF. B.J. Upton $13.45M

RF. Jason Heyward $7.2M

Total $45.5M

Starting Pitchers

Mike Minor $.6M

Julio Teheran $.5M

Kris Medlen $5.2M

Alex Wood $.5M

Total $6.8M


Gerald Laird $1.5M

Elliot Johnson $1M

Ramiro Pena $1M

Jose Constanza $.5M

Joey Terdoslavich $.5M

Total $4.5M


Craig Kimbrel $2.5M

Jordan Walden $1.2M

Luis Avilan $.5M

David Carpenter $.5M

David Hale $.5M

Total $5.2M

Total Commitments $62M

That's not to bad considering we're only short one starting pitcher and one bullpen arm, but don't fool yourself. that $62M is not including the $13M owed to Uggla next season. I fully believe that Uggla will not be part of the 2014 Braves. I really like the idea of La Stella taking over 2B full time. I would say Pastornicky but I doubt he'll be ready for the start of the season. On to the moves I would make.

1. Resign Tim Hudson for 1 year at $7M with a $7M player option for the 2nd year. He's just about at the end of the line and giving him one last year to play for a contender is what he needs.

2. Give McCann a QO and let him go. McCann is a great player and we all have fond memories of him but he's a 29 year old catcher who is going to want 4 years and that is just not wise for the Braves.

3. Trade Uggla and cash to Toronto for Ricky Romero. Romero makes $7.5M each of the next 2 seasons. The Braves pay the difference of $5.5M each season. Plain and simple both players have sucked the last 2 seasons. A change of scenery might help both of these guys. Romero can go to AAA and work on his issues and maybe be good once again.

4. Explore trading for an ace. The Braves starting pitching let them down in the playoffs. If the Braves could reasonably get someone like Price or Sale then they need to do it.

5. If you can't trade for an ace explore signing Simmons, Freeman, and Heyward long term in that order. Simmons is going to go down as one of the great SS in baseball. Freeman is a great middle of the order bat and Heyward is a staple for this team.

6. With $82M committed the Braves have some wiggle room to do a mid season trade. My last move would be re signing EOF for 2 years $3M.

I would feel confident with this team. You take out the black hole in the lineup and it helps cut down on K's. I believe B.J. Upton will have a bounce back year and be close to what we thought we were getting.

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