2013 SBN Winter Meetings Simulation Pre-Thread



Hello, all. Thanks to RoyalsRetro over at the fantastic Royals Review blog on SB Nation, I've gotten the opportunity to participate in their 2013 Winter Meetings Simulation as the newly hired general manager of the Atlanta Braves. I'm unhealthily intrigued by transactions, organizational philosophies, the Braves, and baseball in general, so I'm eager to participate in this wonderful creation. This simulation will incorporate writers, editors, contributors, and community members of SBN blogs for all 30 MLB teams (I'm assuming that they can locating a living, breathing Marlins fan). A representative for each Major League team will be given control over the transactions that a team makes during the process of our imaginary Winter Meetings.

For a look at last year's simulation take a look here.

I (as well as the other 29 participants), will be tasked with signing free agents, making trades, electing to tender or non-tender arbitration eligible players, and picking up or declining team options. This should be a fun exercise, as we will all be competing for free agents, negotiating trades, and interacting with actual people, unlike a baseball sim program such as OOTP. Obviously, this simulation won't predict reality (for instance, in last year's sim, the San Francisco Giants signed BJ Upton to a 6-year, $90 million deal!), but it will be a fun exercise in gauging perceived player value, the philosophies to which people think that their designated organization should abide, and the market for free agents such as Brian McCann (spoiler alert--I'm not going to re-sign him).

I have an idea of what I'd like to do already, but I'm curious as to the Talking Chop community's opinions as to what I should attempt to accomplish during these faux Winter Meetings. Should I try to acquire a front-line starting pitcher such as Chris Sale or David Price? Should I favor spending money in free agency, or be a tightwad in an attempt to extend Heyward, Simmons, and Freeman? Should I, gasp, put Kimbrel on the trading block? I'm not going to guarantee that I'll attempt to fulfill ludicrous requests (no, I'm not trading Jason Heyward), but if I run across an intriguing idea, I'd be all for attempting to make it a virtual reality.

Let me know what you think. This year, the Winter Meetings sim is tentatively scheduled to take place from November 4th-November 8th, so I have a couple of weeks to formulate a plan that won't ruin the fictional internet version of our beloved franchise. Thanks in advance for your input, and I look forward to hearing everyone's opinions. As always, Go Braves.

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