BBWAA honors Chipper with lifetime achievement award

January 19, 2013 - Tonight was the BBWAA’s New York Dinner. The New York chapter of the BBWAA awards the Cy Young, MVP, Manager of the Year, and other trophies at this annual event.

They also awarded "Larry" a Long and Meritorious Service Award. Or as he put it, the old guy award.



He was very friendly with the fans clustered in front of him practically the whole night.

C.C. Sabathia was there to accept the Joan Payson Humanitarian Award, in recognition of his charity work. He said he was jealous - he wanted a Cy Young or MVP.


Chipper Jones is introduced.


Chipper takes the podium.


He said that last week, he started to get that spring training itch. He decided to try working out, see if he still had it. He lasted about five minutes before deciding he'd rather lie on a beach in Hawaii. "When you're 40, things don't work like they used to when you were 20." I guess he's staying retired.

Miguel Cabrera, AL MVP and the first Triple Crown winner in 45 years.


Bryce Harper, NL Rookie of the Year.


Mike Trout, AL Rookie of the Year.


AL Cy Young winner David Price and NL MVP Buster Posey, laughing at something in the program.


Chipper was on the cover of said program.


There's some interesting stuff in it. I might scan some of it tomorrow.

Chipper introduced Posey and presented him with his award.


Posey got a good laugh when he said Chipper was almost as old as his dad.

Posey seems like a great guy. He signed a lot of autographs for fans, even when the organizers didn't want him to.

NL Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey is armed and dangerous.


Jim Abbott got the Casey Stengel "You Could Look It Up" Award.


The award is given for past achievements the BBWAA did not honor the year they occurred. Abbott's no-hitter for the Yankees was the achievement in question.

There were a lot of jokes about Chipper's age throughout the night. Abbott wondered, "Am I the only one who doesn't think Chipper is that old?!"


A few more photos of Chipper:





UPDATE: Here are a couple of ads that ran in the program. (It's kind of like a high school yearbook. Only instead of parents buying ads saying how proud they are of their kids, teams, MLB, agents, etc. buy ads congratulating players for their accomplishments. There are also ads in memory of baseball-related people who have passed on. Usually there are a bunch of ads congratulating players who are elected to the Hall of Fame from the teams they played for, but not this year. Maybe that's why the program cost $10 instead of $5 this year.)

This one is from Bobby Cox and Chipper's agent.


And this one is from the Atlanta Braves:


UPDATE #2: Here's what the text in the above ad says:

Though the career of a true legend in Braves history has come to an end, his impact on the game will never be forgotten. The 8 time All-Star's career is highlighted by a National League MVP, .303 lifetime Batting Average, 468 Homeruns, 2,726 Hits, and 1623 RBIs - by all accounts a Hall of Fame career. But the most impressive stat of all is that he did all it for one team. From all of us at the Atlanta Braves, thank you Chipper.

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