Around the NL East - Mets honoring Chipper Jones, Nationals lock down winning season, J-Roll reaches 2000 hits, Jeffrey Loria promises "fixes"

R.A. Dickey - Children's author, possible Cy Young winner

I am not going to lie, but perhaps it's a combination of late-season lulls, a busy work and social schedule, and other miscellaneous things, but baseball has kind of taken a back seat for me lately. Sure, I've been keeping up with the games via radio and maybe tail-end of games on TV, but at this point, I can't remember the last entire Braves game I watched. And I seriously mean it when I say that I completely forgot that the Marlins existed for a few days, until I saw an ESPN ticker at the gym that said "Marlins 7, Brewers 3."

I'm actually a little disappointed that the Braves and Nationals have wrapped up their seasons' games as far as playing in Nationals Park is concerned, because it's usually around this time of year in which I enjoy a trip up to my old stomping grounds, and catch the Braves up in D.C., but considering my overall record of actually seeing the Braves win in that hell hole, I guess it's for the best that there is no more opportunity.

Welcome back to the basement.


Reflections of a Mets Killer - The New York Times
Chipper Jones sits down with the Times and gives a little bit of a candor prior to his final visit to Queens.

Many other sites and blogs have things to say about Chipper Jones this week: MetsBlog, NY Post, Ted Berg, The Mets Police

Popular Irish Bar to rename themselves "Chipper's" in honor of all the ass-whoopin - Big League Stew
This is really cool and all, but the sad thing is that I don't think there's really any place in Atlanta that is remotely close enough to Turner Field, or gracious enough to reciprocate such sentiment to any other great in the future like this.

R.A. Dickey: Children's author - NY Post
You know, I don't have to imagine very hard that these wouldn't be quality books. If Dickey puts as much heart and candor into publishing childrens book as he normally does in his every day life, these are a layup to be good.

R.A. Dickey: Cy Young contender - NY Daily News
The year of Dickey really has a legitimate shot of being capped with the ultimate honor, of the Cy Young Award, and he wouldn't be doing it for just himself, but for all knuckleballers in the history of the game.

Mets allowed to wear first-responder hats during warm-ups, but not during September 11th game - MetsBlog
I can't say I agree with this sentiment, but I guess that's Uncle Bud's anal retentive unwillingness to budge beyond tradition, even for honoring those who've fallen.


Nationals guarantee winning season with 82nd win of season - MASN
For the first time since the Nats came to town in 2005, they've hit the 82-win mark, and all but guaranteed a winning season. Naturally, being first in the division, such an accolade is now kind of meaningless if they don't follow through and secure their playoff berth.

Stephen Strasburg's final starts - Nationals Journal
Friday night was Stephen Strasburg's final start at Nationals Park. His last start will be on Wednesday, against the Mets in Citi Field. Amidst weeks of speculation, criticism, and voices from all across all spectrums, rumor becomes reality, and Strasburg officially sits down for the remainder of the year.

Davey Johnson doesn't understand it but agrees with it somehow - Nats Inquirer
I can't say I would do the same, I kind of like to understand things before I made any sort of judgment on something. On another topic, look at how many baseballs Strasburg is expected to sell. He must be making out like Barry Bonds with the straight cash he's probably making from memorabilia.

It's all good, because Ross Detwiler's pitching out of his mind lately - The Nats Blog
When it comes to that useless stat, Detwiler's 2.79 ERA is the tops amongst the Nationals rotation, mostly in part that he's pounding the strike zone like it owes him money, and getting some crazy infield defense. But it's clearly working.

Nationals and Cubs have multiple bench-clearing incidents - Nats Insider
It always sounds so silly when the circumstances behind these brawls are always chalked up to "the unwritten rules." I'm actually on the side of the Nationals on this one. The Cubs might object to the Nationals swinging for the fences when they were already up big, but if the Cubs choked away a 9-0 lead at any time this season, they'd be afraid to let off the gas at any time too.

Sean Burnett is having some elbow troubles lately - MASN
Reoccurring elbow tightness has led to Sean Burnett's workload slowing down a good bit as of late. He'll be playing catch this weekend, but he won't be expected to be a major contributor in any crucial moments until he's a little better.

But that's all good too, because Tyler Clippard and Drew Storen are killing it in late innings - MASN
I do enjoy the extrapolation game MASN keeps playing with Tyler Clippard, and if he were closer from Day One, he would be at like 76 saves by now. It's the same as Heyward fans seeing Heyward go yard in his first at-bat of the season, and citing him being on pace for 375 HR.

Bryce Harper becomes third all-time for home runs by a teenager - Nationals Journal
On Wednesday, Bryce Harper hit his 17th home run of the season, passing Ken Griffey, Jr., for sole possession of third place on the list of teenagers home runs. He needs two more to pass Mel Ott's 1928 mark of 18, but significantly more to pass Tony Conigliaro's mark of 24 from 1964.

At least he's mimicking the best - Nats Enquirer
I can't remember his name or something, but there's this guy on the Braves that has been flashing the "I Love you" hand gesture after hitting home runs for like the last 19 years. I guess it's okay, since we know Harper and Chipper are all BFFs these days.

Wilson Ramos in good spirits while rehabbing - Nationals Journal
After surgery to repair a torn ACL and MCL, Wilson Ramos is in good spirits watching his teammates charge towards the post-season. If all goes well, he should be ready to start regular baseball activities in December.

Something else to unfortunately compare to the Braves, Rays, Diamondbacks - Nats Insider
The Nationals are only the best team in the National League, but they're still drawing under 20,000 people for a game, against the well-traveling Cubs no less. Yikes


Jimmy Rollins gets hit number 2,000 for career - Crashburn Alley
J-Roll is in some pretty exclusive company when it comes to guys with 2,000 hits, as well as a litany of homers and steals, but let's not forget that he probably would have gotten 2,000 a little bit earlier if he just hustled OH YEAH I JUST WENT THERE

Ruben Amaro is actually giving serious consideration for Chase Utley at third base - CSN Philly

Will your 2013 third baseman come from outside the organization?

Unless we feel Chase is a viable possibility there, and we’re exploring it.

Former Atlanta Braves Connect Four champion called up in roster expansion - Beerleaguer
Raise your hand if you actually didn't know that that was a reference to Pete Orr?

Roy Halladay's workouts are so hard, mortal men cannot complete half of them - Crossing Broad
I don't know why it's always amusing when I hear stories about Roy Halladay's workout routines. It's like the joke exists that he's a robot, but when you hear things like this, it's slightly more believable.

Walk-off loss to Chipper Jones and Braves not even worst walk-off loss to Chipper Jones and Braves of this year, let alone worst loss of season - Beerleaguer
Yeah, what the headline said.

Carlos Ruiz not guaranteed to return this year - Phillies Zone
Considering the Phillies have very little to play for, such discretion might not be a bad idea. He was the team's best player this year, and is probably going to go haywire next year in his walk year, provided the Phillies pull the trigger on the very obvious and cost-effective option, so why not have him as healthy as possible?


Jeffrey Loria promises to "fix problem," but probably wouldn't fire himself - Marlin Maniac
The best part about this whole thing is that sure, we all know Jeffrey Loria is a stingy clown, but as a casual viewer of the Redskins growing up in Virginia, I too vividly remember a lot of the Daniel Snyder debacles, and found quite a good bit of chuckles reading a comparison between Jeffrey Loria and Daniel Snyder.

Josh Johnson has been using a curveball to find some recent success - Fish Stripes
In lieu of his changeup, he has started going to his curveball exclusively, and it's been fairly effective against lefties.

Emilio Bonifacio done for the year - Palm Beach Post
With a litany of injuries, involving his knee and left thumb, the Marlins figure it's just best at this point, to just shut him down and hope he comes back healthier next season.

Leo Nunez Oviedo too - Sun Sentinel
The saddest thing? Leo Nunez didn't pitch a single inning for the Marlins this season, since he spent so much of the season either suspended or injured.

Ozzie Guillen thinks RA Dickey owes the Marlins if he wins the Cy Young - Palm Beach Post
Dickey is 4-0 against the Fish this season with a 1.62 ERA. Only stats that mattered

New park, same fans - Marlins Diehards
Some things never change.

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