The Atlanta Braves Thursday ThreatDown

Rookies... they can be a threat. But not when their pimp is the Old Battle Axe. It's a good thing they didn't dress any of these guys up as a bear.

As the season winds down, we'll take a look at what threats the Atlanta Braves are facing. Threats are everywhere, but we'll tell you what to look out for... in reverse chronological order.

Chip and Joe - Seriously, these guys are a threat to my sanity. After 100-somethingish games of listening to these guys, the constant refrains of "Ye Olde Stats" and "cap tipping," are scratching at the chalk board of my mind. And I can't prove this, but know it to be true, Chip Caray somehow mentions the Cubs every telecast... let it go, man. I need more Tommy Glavine in my broadcast, and maybe even some Ronny Gant. Hopefully Joe doesn't want to engage in fisticuffs because someone on the internets said something about him ... that would also be a threat.

The Odds Makers - Those "math" people are at it again, with their high probabilities that the Braves will make the post-season. Take your statistical threats, your 99.9%, and put them where the sun don't shine. Last year the Braves pulled off the equivalent of getting struck by lighting twice while winning the lottery and having your picture taken with a sober Lindsay Lohan. That shyt better not happen again! Still, the threat lingers.

The Miracle of the Killer-M's - The unbelievableness of Kris Medlen and Mike Minor these last few months is hard to fathom. But it reminds me of how good another Killer-M was when the Braves acquired him from the Cubs (crap, now I mentioned the Cubs). Meds and Minor have been so good, especially Medlen, that it seems like everyone in baseball is waiting for them to return to some preconceived notion of what they should be. The threat of regression... it is there, be warned.

LOBsters - The Braves have been getting men on base lately, but they've been having a tough time getting them in. Leaving men on base inning after inning, pissing away scoring chance after scoring chance can drive you mad. Let's not forget the streak of games when the only way the Braves could score was to count on the other team to commit an error or issue a walk. The threat of the LOB looms large.

Fredi Jesus Gonzalez - Many people put their faith in a Higher power during the pennant chase. For better or wrose Braves fans have to put their faith in Jesus... Fredi Jesus Gonzalez. Frego has been managing pretty well lately, but we know all to well the threats that lay just beneath the surface of his medulla oblongata. A manager can be a great asset to a team, but he can also be a great threat.

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