Playoff Rotation?

I just got to thinking about possible playoff rotation and decided I'd write my first FanPost on it and see anyone else's thoughts. I apologize if anyone has already written it but a quick scan didn't show anything.

Right now, we will have the 6-man rotation of Hudson, Minor, Sheets, Maholm, Medlen, Hanson. Barring injury and assuming we can start out on top, that leaves potential wildcard playoff with Hudson and upon winning that would go something like Minor, Sheets, Maholm, Hudson, and Minor for the divisional round.

Potential Rotation





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I'm not going to mention anything about pitching deep into games as all of our starters have been doing that lately. Can't see it starting out with anybody but Huddy. The second spot seems like a question mark--Do we go with Minor, who has been getting better as the season goes on but lacks the experience? Maholm would give the same problem. Do we put the vet Sheets for the second game but then possibly stack same handed starters later? Would we want to try to bring back Hudson or anyone else on short rest?

Where does Hanson fit in if he comes back?

If he pitches like prevously(lots of walks, hits, and trouble), does he even get in the playoff rotation? If he does, who does he replace? Not Huddy or Sheets who have the experience. Can't see it being Maholm after we traded for him. That leaves Minor who outside of Hudson has been our only holdover from the beginning of the season. Would we dare go to an actual 5-man rotation for the playoffs?

What about Medlen?

I wrote this assuming that he gets put back in the bullpen in September-Not wishing or promoting for this to happen but seems to be that he will be the odd man out. However, one could argue that he has pitched well enough to deserve to be in the rotation. I just can't see him replacing Hudson, Sheets, Minor or Maholm without injury at this point.

I say leave it as is with Hudson at wildcard and then Minor, Sheets, Maholm, and back to Hudson. We could look at bringing Hudson back on short rest but if we would have to use Maholm, that would be a long time for him to sit.

Leave comments below with any ideas and/or suggestions.

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