More Notes on The Braves Play--June 14, 2012

The Braves have an off-day, today, June 14, 2012. Looking through the Braves' fielding, which is 7th in MLB in UZR, 3rd in the league (Dodgers, Diamondbacks), I've wondered more about who saves the most runs on the Braves' team.

The Braves are well represented in UZR. The Top 15 in MLB in UZR:

1. Ichiro SEA 12.2

2. Michael Bourn ATL 10.7

3. Brendan Ryan SEA 10.4

4. Alex Gordon KC 9.8

5. Mike Moustakas KC 8.5

6. Craig Gentry TEX 7.9

T7. Martin Prado ATL 7.8

T7. Ben Zobrist TB 7.8

9. Brett Lawrie TOR 7.2

10. Alfonso Soriano CHC 6.8

11. Mike Aviles BOS 6.7

12. Peter Bourjos LAA 6.4

13. Jason Heyward ATL 6.2

14. Adrian Gonzalez BOS 6.0

15. Ben Revere MIN 5.7

All 3 Braves outfielders are in that group, and have the greatest concentration of players in that Top 15, thus meaning "the most represented", with 20% of that group being Braves. Also noteworthy: Michael Bourn is the best of all MLB players in RngR, with 9.4, 0.6 ahead of the next highest, Ichiro of Seattle.

Who Saves the Most Runs for the Braves?

Then, I looked at the Braves as a team, and wondered, "Who saves the most runs on the team?" Well, here it is:


With the reminder that the minimum used was 40 innings, it makes it much more clear how much we needed to replace Tyler Pastornicky. And Jack Wilson isn't too good either. A surprise to me is that Prado is in the negative as a third baseman just like Francisco. Also to be taken: here are the number of innings played by each player represented in the graph at their position:

Mike Minor: 70.1

Tim Hudson: 60.0

Randall Delgado: 66.1

Tommy Hanson: 76.0

Brandon Beachy: 77.1

Brian McCann: 413.1

David Ross: 128.0

Freddie Freeman: 467.1

Eric Hinske: 94.0

Dan Uggla: 559.1

Andrelton Simmons: 99.0

Jack Wilson 135.2

Tyler Pastornicky: 326.2

Chipper Jones: 253.2

Juan Francisco 173.2

Martin Prado 3B: 134.0

Jason Heyward: 489.0

Matt Diaz RF: 41.1

Michael Bourn: 552.1

Martin Prado LF: 401.1

Jose Constanza: 71.0

Matt Diaz LF: 78.0

So, can the argument be made that Francisco has been better than Prado at third base? Another look provides some insight: Prado's UZR at third is -0.4, and Francisco's is -0.8. And breathe.

Who Creates the Braves Runs this Year?

On the other side of the ball, the Braves are tied for 10th in baseball with 5 other teams in wRC+, and they are tied for 4th in the National League with 2 of those 5 teams (New York, Milwaukee). As for the team itself, here is the graph to answer that question:


Because there are pretty large intervals, I will also post the values right here, (Name: wRC+, PA):

Martin Prado 3B: 98, 68

Dan Uggla: 132, 272

Chipper Jones: 131, 130

Michael Bourn: 128, 291

Andrelton Simmons: 127, 43

Jason Heyward: 115, 235

David Ross: 107, 62

Brian McCann: 98, 203

Freddie Freeman: 95, 233

Matt Diaz LF: 94, 38

Matt Diaz RF: 94, 21

Martin Prado LF: 146, 178

Juan Francisco: 78, 100

Tyler Pastornicky: 66, 157

Eric Hinske: 53, 94

Jack Wilson: -9, 66

There is an exception to the Minimum Plate Appearances rule. Matt Diaz as a left fielder had 38 plate appearances, and as a right fielder has 21 plate appearances. He's in there for comparison, and as part of the following values, showing the percentages of runs created by position:

C: 205, 13.68%

1B: 148, 9.87%

2B: 132, 8.81%

SS: 130, 8.67%

3B: 307, 20.48%

RF: 209, 13.94%

CF: 128, 8.54%

LF: 240, 16.01%

Also, the total outfield and its percentage:

OF: 47.03%

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