Appreciation thread for Chippers hot start and some relative stats...

I can't seem to get over the performance by our beloved Larry Jones throughout the beginning of this amazing season...We all know he had his 6th knee surgery about 5 weeks ago, and expectations for him this year were probably very modest for most of us. I honestly expected him to play maybe 100 games, bat .260, hit 12 dingers, and drive in 48 runs. Well thats changed...

The guy has started 15 games (Where we have gone 13-2), and he has played in 18 of the 28. Looks like he is on pace to play about the 100 games barring a major re-injury...But I don't even care about the ratio of games played....I care about the GAMES PLAYED, and my lord, is he putting on a display of guts, heart, and leadership...and quite frankly some jaw dropping stats:

In 18 games played, he has 21 RBI. More than 1 per game! Putting him at 6th in the NL. Compare that to Either and Kemp who have 28 and 27 respectively in 27 games played...Or the red hot Freeman who just got to 26 today.

Second, he is batting .318. Sure this will come down, but thats a great start and likely on pace to not drop below .280 by year end. Just a hunch. Go with it.

Next, and the most impressive. 7 strike outs? 7??? Freeman has 30 (Not trying to dog him, just saying)....Matt Kemp has 25, Either and Beltran with 27 each. Sure he has played 7-10 game less, but that is impressive as heck.

Finally, THE walk-off, and 5 HR's on the year. He's gonna blow past 12 HR's and likely 20 as well (Ahead of my ski's?) Maybe. But I'll book him for 22 for the year.

Not enough can be said about what this guy is doing at 40 years old. Walk-off's, 5 RBI nights, timely hitting, stellar defense. Here's to an epic start, and hopefully a healthy (as it can get) rest of the season, because HE deserves it, not US. We have been given more than enough from this guy...


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