Tomahawk Chops: Daily Atlanta Braves News Clippings For Monday, April 23rd

It looks like Chipper wants to be in the game.

Your one-page daily morning overview of Atlanta Braves news:

Braves quotes after Sunday loss to Dbacks | AJC Braves
Fredi Gonzalez, on Delgado’s four-pitch bases-loaded walk to opposing pitcher Kennedy: "That’s a young pitcher, a young pitcher that needs to mature and get in those situations and don’t let the innings get away from him." "We get two outs, 0-2 on Kubel [who singled on next pitch, first baserunner in inning]. He walks [pitcher Kennedy later in the inning], whether it was lack of concentration or something. And the next thing you know we’re starting down at a grand slam. To me, that was the decision."

Braves’ win streak snapped after Delgado serves up slam | AJC Braves
Then Delgado fell behind 2-and-0 against No. 8 hitter Ian McDonald, and Gonzalez decided to have Delgado intentionally walk him at that point with first base open. "It’s a situation where we’re not trying to give McDonald anything to hit," Gonzalez said. "It’s early in the game, we’ve got a 1-nothing lead, but you don’t want him to throw a breaking ball in the dirt – which happened almost – and let it get away. So take it out of Delgado’s hands, put it in my hands, and let him face Kennedy. Which … that didn’t happen either."

Atlanta Braves at Arizona Diamondbacks - April 22, 2012 | ATL Recap
"I was trying to be too perfect with the strike zone, and that was a big mistake," Delgado said. "But what can you do? I did it. I can't do that again."

Chipper saluted by Dbacks; Heyward gets a rest | AJC Braves
Jones, who will turn 40 on Tuesday and has announced he’ll retire after the 2012 season, received a standing ovation from the Chase Field crowd during a video montage shown on the scoreboard. He came to the top step of the dugout and waved his cap in appreciation as his signature at-bat song “Crazy Train” played on the stadium P.A.

Uggla confident home runs will come | News
"It was a matter of time before I got the first one and hopefully, they will just start rolling in after that," Uggla said. "I've been battling, working every day to get my timing and be as comfortable as I can. It's been OK."

McCann credits McDowell with staff's success | News
"I give a lot of credit to [pitching coach] Roger McDowell," McCann said. "To me, Roger McDowell is the best in the business. I've never been around anyone that understands the game of baseball and hitters like he does. I just try to pick his brain as much as I can, and it's worked out for everybody in here."

Braves' Simmons settling in at plate | News | The Official Site of Minor League Baseball
His time in camp was a learning experience as he spent more than a month among big leaguers. "It opened my eyes to the differences between Minor League and Major League pitching," Simmons said. "The pitchers are smarter up there. If they see you jump on a fastball, maybe they'll tease you with a fastball inside or throw something off-speed to throw you off. They adjust much better than the Minor League guys. It was nice to get a taste for how it works up there and, hopefully, that's something I can take along with me this year."

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