2012 MLB Predictions

MLB Predictions 2012:
AL East
Red Sox

AL Central:
White Sox

AL West

NL East

NL Central

NL West

MLB Playoffs:
Wild Card Game:

Marlins defeat Phillies: Josh Johnson complete game shutout

Divisional Round:
Marlins defeat Dodgers in 5 games

Braves defeat Reds in 5 games

NLCS Round:
Braves defeat Marlins in 6 games (Prado NLCS MVP)


Wild Card Game
Angels defeat Rays: Pujols walk-off Homerun

Divisional Round:
Tigers defeat Angels in 5 games

Yankees defeat Rangers in 5 games

ALCS Round:
Yankees defeat Tigers in 7 games (Sabathia ALCS MVP)

World Series:
Braves defeat Yankees in 7 games (Chipper WS MVP)

Game 7 Scenario and Awards after The Jump

Scenario: Mariano Rivera in to close out game 7 of the WS in Atlanta. Braves are down 1. Michael Bourn comes up draws a walk and immediately steals second. Martin Prado singles through the left side, but the outfield was playing shallow so Bourn couldn't score. Brian McCann comes up with runners on 1st and 3rd and strikes out. Uggla comes up and pops up in the infield. Freeman draws a 10 pitch at bat walk. This brings up our old friend Chipper Jones with the bases loaded and two outs in the bottom of the 9th with the game on the line against the team that had the Braves number in 96' and 99' World Series. The wily old veteran has dreamed of this moment since being drafted with the 1st overall pick by the Atlanta Braves in the 1990 MLB draft. The 50,000 + fans in attendance are screaming at the top of their lungs hoping the face of the franchise for the past 20 years will go out on top. Chipper steps in the left handed batters box digs in and grips the bat. His bones are worn and battered from this long, last season. His knees ache with pain from multiple surgeries during his illustrious career. Chipper and Rivera have a classic battle of veterans wit. Who is going to outsmart the other and go out a champion? Chipper works the count full. Before he digs in for the last at bat of his career, he puts the bat on his shoulder and embraces the moment. He has accomplished almost everything one can accomplish in a professional career, but this moment and opportunity is where legends are made. The moment that people talk about for decades and pass down to generations and generations of baseball fans. He takes his helmet off and wipes the sweat from his brow and puts his helmet back on. He steps into the batters box. Rivera winds up and brings a 95mph cutter that bares down on the inside half of the plate. Chipper, one of the greatest switch hitters of all time, recognizes it immediately and rips it into the left center field gap. Bourn scores easily. Curtis Granderson cuts the ball off as Prado rounds third. Granderson hits Jeter for the relay, Jeter throws a strike to home. Prado comes barring down on catcher Russell Martin, diving into his chest. They both sprawl out on the ground as Prado's legs lie on the plate. The crowd goes silent in anticipation of the Umpires call. Russell Martin goes to show his glove only to realize the ball isnt there! The umpire looks to find the ball under Russell's shoulder and yells "SAFE!!!!!!" Chip Cary can be heard all over Braves Country (reminiscent of his father Skip's call in the 1992 NLCS) broadcast "Braves WIN! Braves WIN! Braves WIN!" The crowds cheers are deafening! Chipper falls to his knees in between 1st and 2nd with his arms in the air! He is met by his teammates and coaches with a dog pile! He has ended the final season of his career the same way he ended his first full season of his career, dog piling in Atlanta on a cool fall night as World Series Champions!

Evan Longoria

AL Cy Young
Justin Verlander

AL Rookie of the Year
Yu Darvish

AL Manager of the Year
Jim Leyland

AL Comeback Player of the Year
Adam Dunn

Matt Kemp

NL Cy Young
Roy Halladay

NL Rookie of the Year
Julio Teheran

NL Manager of the Year
Fredi Gonzalez

NL Comeback Player of the Year
Adam Wainwright

Random Prediction: Freddie Freeman .290avg, 33hrs, 110 RBIs (All-Star starting First Baseman)

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