The Best Names In Braves Franchise History, Part 5

This is the final installment of my series on the strangest, coolest, most fun-to-say names in the Braves franchise's long history. It covers everything from the dawn of the Braves' golden era (1991) up until the present. Here are links to Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Since most of these players will be at least somewhat familiar to you, I'll keep the comments brief.

Rico Rossy, 1991: Rossy had all of 1 plate appearance for the Braves, so you're excused for not remembering him. The "Rico" is a nickname (his full name is Elam Jose Rossy) which makes his name even better somehow.

Damon Berryhill, 1991-3: "I found my thrill... on Damon Berryhill." (Seriously, his nickname really should have been "Blue.")

Bill Pecota, 1993-4: Namesake of a famous projection system and one of the best names for repeating over and over as fast as you can.

Tony Tarasco, 1993-4: The closest thing MLB has ever had to a player named after Tabasco sauce.

Chipper Jones, 1993, 1995-present: We've all heard this name so many times that it doesn't seem all that unusual. But Old Man Jones remains the only "Chipper" in MLB history.

Tom Thobe, 1995-6: He should really hang out with Josh Thole and Jim Thome.

Ed Giovanola (1995-7) and Tony Graffanino (1996-8): I'm a sucker for long, fun "G" names.

Kevin McGlinchy, 1999-2000: When he was on the mound, Braves fans never felt mcglinchy.

Joe Winkelsas, 1999: Did Bobby Cox call him "Winky"?

Scott Kamieniecki, 2000: The "I before E" rule really comes in handy here.

Quilvio Veras, 2000-1: The only "Quilvio" in MLB history, and the only player with the initials "Q.V." He definitely endeared himself to me with his .413 OBP in 2000.

Tim Spooneybarger, 2000-1: My personal favorite name in recent Braves history, at least until John Forkeybarger makes the big show.

Jung Bong, 2002-3: The best marijuana-themed name this side of Lil Stoner.

Macay McBride, 2005-7: Macay is actually his middle name; his real first name is Joseph. I guess he just really likes the "mac" sound.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia, 2007: He hasn't stopped giving clubhouse managers headaches ever since.

Francisley Bueno, 2008: Francisley is a muy Bueno first name.

Jair Jurrjens, 2008-present: The all-time MLB leader in Js.

Barbaro Canizares, 2009: Canizares the Barbaro-ian?

Finally, some French royalty runners-up: Marquis Grissom and Jason Marquis

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