Tomahawk Chops: Daily Atlanta Braves News Clippings For Friday, March 30th

Mike Minor pitched great until the sixth inning.

Your one-page daily morning overview of Atlanta Braves news:

Heyward goes waaay deep; Venters strong in return | Atlanta Braves
Space Coast Stadium has been open for 18 years and, near as anyone can tell, only one homer’s been hit where Jason Heyward put one Thursday. In the fifth inning of a 6-3 loss to the Washington Nationals, the Braves outfielder hit a monster home run to straightaway center that sailed over the 35-foot green wall that serves as the "batter’s eye" backdrop. It’s 404 feet to the base of the wall.

Venters relieved after pain-free outing | News
"My arm could not have felt any better," Venters said after making his first appearance since March 18. "It felt great." The Braves were not overly concerned as with what the club described as "normal Spring Training soreness" with Venters. But there was certainly some reason for relief as he threw his patented hard sinker without any hesitation or sign of discomfort.

Minor and Gearrin run into trouble in walk-plagued inning | Atlanta Braves
"I think they’re just good hitters," said Minor, who had six strikeouts and said he felt strong. "A lot of those guys were taking a lot of the pitches I thought were quality pitches on 0-2, 1-2, 2-2, working the count. Seemed like they were aggressive early and working the count late. That’s where I walked I think five guys today."

Minor to start during season-opening series | News
Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez has not yet announced his Opening Day starting pitcher. But he did reveal that he plans to start southpaw Mike Minor during the regular season's opening series against the left-handed-heavy Mets.

Simmons/Pastronicky Braves shortstop battle goes to final week of spring training | Atlanta Braves
As for the shortstop battle between rookies Tyler Pastornicky and Andrelton Simmons, that’s come down to the last days of camp and still there is no consensus among people I’ve asked around camp.

Braves GM Wren searching for upgrades as season nears | News
The Braves are currently looking for a right-handed hitting outfielder or third baseman that could help fortify the depth that would be weakened when Hinske or Diaz are in the lineup.

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