I'm playing the Braves GM in a Sim

SB Nation is doing a Sim GM thingy during the winter meetings, and I'm playing the part of the Braves GM. The idea is to reset to the end of the season and make all the moves from scratch. This is the thread at Royals Review that explains it all.

So basically we're three days into all the trading and signing of free agents (sorry, I should have posted this earlier). I pretty much tendered everyone and non-tendered everyone the Braves did, except I tendered Peter Moylan, where the Braves did not.

I took a different approach on filling the two big holes, but much of that was because the White Sox GM released Jake Peavy from his contract, so I signed him to a 3 year 40.5 million deal. My thinking there was to get an ace (at a very affordable price), get Peavy back in the NL, and to add even more starting pitching, an area from which I would trade.

I noticed initially that no one was biting on Teheran or Delgado, so I had to go with trading other guys. The first trade I made was to send Mike Minor to the Brewers for Aramis Ramirez. A-Ram is a righty, doesn't strike out a lot, is signed for 3 more years, and I happen to think highly of him as a player.

The next move was to get a center fielder, and they were getting traded all over the place. I tried to make a run at Lorenzo Cain and Peter Borgous, but nothing got done. I went after Dexter Fowler, and after a bunch of negotiating I ended up trading Kris Medlen for Fowler and relief prospect Chad Bettis -- the Rockies #4 prospect and a hard thrower, though he had injury problems last year.

Anyway, I'm going to work on some more relief and a few of the other small things, but I've pretty much got the big stuff done. The lineup would be:

Fowler, CF
Prado, LF
Heyward, RF
Ramirez, 3B
Freeman, 1B
Uggla, 2B
McCann, C
Simmons, SS

And the rotation would be: Peavy, Hudson, Maholm, Hanson, and either Teheran or Delgado. My thinking here is that if Hanson can't cut it, then Beachy would take his spot mid-season, or either Teheran or Delgado. Pretty much no one would take Hanson in a trade, and his value sucked because of what the Braves ended up getting for him in the real world.

That's all for now...

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