Offseason: Day 1 Rosterbation

That is an article on MLBTR that begins the offseason for the Braves. We still want to resign Michael Bourn apparently, while it's obvious other teams would pay out the ears for him. Also, Wren talks about how he is ready to obtain premium players. I've heard that before, and it's failed before.

First, I'll start with the bullpen:

RHP Craig Kimbrel

LHP Jonny Venters

LHP Eric O'Flaherty. I'm willing to put up to $4.1M to resign him for 1 year.

LHP Luis Avilan

RHP Christhian Martinez

RHP Cory Gearrin. I really think he's got nothing left to prove for us. He's performed very well as a ROOGY.

Open Spot. Here, I wouldn't actually mind resigning Chad Durbin as a middle relief righty. He's been awesome in this role this year, with a 3.10 ERA. He shouldn't be hard to resign.

Second, there's the 3B situation:

1. Martin Prado. This is obviously his premier position and looks like the best internal option for the job.

2.Juan Francisco. There's a large process that needs to happen for him to earn the job, including weight loss, improving his discipline, and working on defense. But if it works, then that means Prado stays in LF, saving us $ and trade pieces.

3. External Options. There's other options out there, most notably among them Chase Headley. However, coming off a 115 RBI year for San Diego, I don't think they'll trade him.

Thirdly, let's assume Prado gets the 3B job. Who's in left field next year?

1. Evan Gattis C/LF. Gattis, with his power, could turn into a real magical story if he wins the job. Furthermore, he also poses as a third catcher behind McCann and Ross.

2. Todd Cunningham. After putting up a .309/.364/.403 year for Mississippi and going 24-32 in steals, he's come back up as an option for LF or even CF. Although a very long shot, he still should be considered.

3. External Options. There's many to look at here. I'm in favor of Cody Ross. While putting up a a decent/average-looking line of .267/.326/.481 with 22 HR and 81 RBI, I don't think it's a bad option.

Next, there's CF:

1. Michael Bourn. While having a dismal 2nd half and finishing with an average under .280, he's still a good leadoff man and gives awesome defense in center.

2. Denard Span. Many here have advocated for him. He shouldn't be difficult to pry away from Minnesota.

3. Other External Options. I'm not thinking of any right now, let that be up to you.

Small-scale Decisions and Signings:

1. Backup Catcher. There's no doubt in my mind we should resign David Ross. He's definitely the best backup catcher in baseball of the past few years.

2. 4th outfielder. There's Reed Johnson, who's also a pinch-hitting wizard. I hope he isn't hard to resign, and that there's no team that tries to offer him something more than 1 year.

3. Paul Janish. He's the perfect SS/2B backup. He did just what we needed him to do, so why not bring him back?

4. Tyler Pastornicky. As a developing Mark DeRosa, Rev looks to develop the infield positions before possibly experimenting in the outfield. If he does get a hold of all positions, he's a very valuable piece.

5. Tommy Hanson. I don't want to go through another offseason with this man on the roster. He allegedly "fixed" his motion, yet its obvious he has not. Trade him?

6. Bringing back Matt Diaz, Eric Hinske, Jeff Baker, or Lyle Overbay. Nope.

Have fun all!

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