5 things on this game

I occasionally post random thoughts elsewhere in the form of five things. The game overall has left me with a somewhat boggled state of mind. So below you will find a humble, and immediate, 5 things about the game, to help me make sense of all this.

1. The Braves lost this game. The Umpires didn't cost us this game. The Cardinals didn't' win it. Atlanta lost it. We had double the hits the Cards had, 3 crucial errors, and way too many men left on base to blame this game on the umps. Even if you take away the LOBs in the inning the call happened in. This one is on a horrible performance by Atlanta.

2. It was a really atrocious call. A ball that goes half again as far into the outfield as the distance from home to 2nd cannot be ruled an infield fly ball. The best thing that could be said by that umpire to justify his call is that he played the short stop's body language. You have to call the BALL. It was NOT an infield fly and never will be. He got it wrong. In so doing he threw off the rhythm of the game. MLB needs to censure him if not fire him outright for this one.

3. Braves fans, control yourselves in the future. We are not New York. We are not Boston. We do not throw crap (Clearly I am wrong about this as you proved tonight). Show some class and behave like you have a little self control. Boo all you like its accepted at sporting events world wide. Yell insults at the umpire, he deserves them. Throwing trash is pointless, stupid, and will hurt your team not help it.

4. This game will give the MLB instant replay and the ability for bad calls to be overruled. In that sense, while you hate for Chipper's career to end that way, there is a silver lining to the cloud of depression hovering over Atlanta. I can't know for certain, but I can't see anyway for Selig to duck this now. He's going to have to put it in play.

5. We need to send the script back. This is not how it was supposed to end. Chipper Jones' last game was not supposed to be a gaffe filled slop fest in which he initiated the slop. But, this isn't a movie, its life. He had a great career, and he will not be remembered for a bad final game. He will be remembered for nearly 20 years of outstanding play, and being one of the best switch hitters to ever play the game. Good luck sir, and we'll see you in Cooperstown soon.

And for the rest of us, we will spend the next few minutes, hours, days, weeks in mourning, then it is on to next year, and a fresh start come spring.

That's really all I got. Let's hear how stupid I am. Vent away.

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